Amazing Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Updated On: November 08, 2023

Botanic Gardens Belfast

Gardens, gardens, and more gardens; that’s what Northern Ireland could offer its people as well as those who are coming to visit it for a change. We have some beautiful gardens and greenery in Northern that you must check out. One being the Botanic Gardens in Belfast which is a public park that occupies 28 acres of South Belfast.

Signs in the Botanic Gardens
Signs in the Botanic Gardens

It’s a good destination for tourists because it is close enough to the Ulster Museum which is located at the main entrance. Botanic Gardens is also considered a place for office workers and students because the Queen’s University is nearby. People enjoying coming to Botanic gardens to chill out and take a nice stroll around the park and see the beautiful flowers.

History of The Gardens

The Botanic Gardens used to be a private place back when it was first originated.  It was only opened for members of the public on Sundays prior to 1895. The park was then bought by a Belfast Corporation and opened to the public every day of the week. The current owner of Botanic Gardens is Belfast City Council.

A gazebo in the Botanic Gardens of Belfast
A gazebo in the Botanic Gardens of Belfast

Things to See in Botanic Gardens

You could spend hours wondering around Botanic gardens and checking out all its great features. One being the Palm House Conservatory which is one of the most notable attractions in the park. The Palm House is one of the earliest examples of glasshouse made from curved iron and glass.

The conservatory was designed by well- known architecture Sir Charles Lanyon who also built parts of Queen’s University in Belfast.  The Palm House consists of two parts; the cool wing and the tropical wing. Inside you’ll find a range of tropical plants, hanging baskets, seasonal displays and birds of paradise.

Tropical Raven House

Another popular attraction in Botanic Gardens is the Tropical Raven House that was built by the head gardener Charles Mckimm. There is a sunken ravine that runs the length of the building with a balcony at each side for viewing. The most popular thing to see in the Tropical Raven House is the Dombeya, which flowers every February.

The Tropical Raven House contains some of the oldest seed plants around today. As well as banana, cinnamon, bromeliad and orchid plants. Both the Palm House and the Tropical Raven House shows how technology helped the gardeners to cultivate unusual species in the greenhouse environment.

Concerts and Events

Throughout the years Botanic Gardens has featured a variety of music events and concerts that help to bring the people out to the park. It’s not just a place to admire the greenery but for people to have a good time. The popular festival of Tennent Vital was held in Botanic Gardens from 2002 to 2006. Be sure to watch out for events as Belfast Council who runs the park organise different ones throughout the year for both young and old.

Being one of Belfast’s important Victorian Heritages, Botanic Gardens is definitely a place that you must visit. Its located in the heart of Belfast, great time to spend in summer when the weather is lovely and autumn when leaves start to fall off the trees. Great spot all around.

Have you visited Botanic Gardens Yet? Or would you like to plan a trip? We would love to know 🙂

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