The Beautiful Borris House, County Carlow

Updated On: March 13, 2022

Borris House County Carlow

Located in County Carlow is one of the Irelands most beautiful houses, Borris House. The house was built in 1731 by Morgan Kavanagh. It continued to be the home of the MacMorrough Kavanagh family, who were Celtic Kings of Leister, for many years.

The house was badly damaged in the late 1700s and was brought back to life in the early 1800s by a father and son duo called Richard and William Morrison.

Nowadays visitors can visit the beautiful house and picturesque gardens which complete the estate. Visitors can see what the countryside of Carlow has to offer, including views across Mount Leister, Blackstair Mountains and Barrow Valley.

Borris House County Carlow
Full view of Borris House in County Carlow

Visit Borris House

Throughout the summer months, Borris House is open to the public. Visitors can receive a guided tour of the house and grounds.

During open days, visitors can get a taste of the great Irish countryside and Irish history. The tour covers much of the history of the house and the stories which surround the history of the house.

The tour of Borris house is a must-see as there are many amazing features of the guided tour, including the art, architecture and furniture of the house.

Borris House Gardens

The gardens of the house are just a beautiful as the house. You can find many amazing plants and trees around the garden and let’s not forget about the spectacular views from the gardens. Visitors can see across the County of Carlow into County Wexford and County Kilkenny.

The gardens include many exotic trees and shrubs from around the world.

Opening Times and Pricing*

Opening Dates*

Sadly the house isn’t opened all year round. It is mainly opened during the summer months including May and September. Below are the opening dates for Borris House. See if the dates suit you:

  • May: 8th – 12th, 15th – 17th, 22nd – 26th & 29th -31st
  • June: 5th – 9th, 12th – 14th, 20th – 21st & 26th – 28th
  • July: 3rd -5th, 10th – 12th, 17th – 19th, 24th – 26th & 31st
  • August: 1st – 2nd, 7th – 9th & 14th – 25th
  • September: 4th – 6th, 11th – 13th, 18th – 20th & 25th – 27th

Tours are scheduled every day for 1pm and 2pm.

*(Dates are very likely to change than what is shown above. Check out the Borris House website for more information.)


  • Entry Fee – €10
  • Granary Access* – €5

*(The Granary entry fee allows access to also the lace gardens and wider grounds.)

Tickets can be purchased in nearby Borris Town in the gift shop. Borris House also advises to contact them directly for larger group bookings.

Events and Celebrations

Borris House is an amazing place to host parties and ceremonies. Many people choose to host their wedding at the house and other events hosted include blessings and parties.

Throughout the year the estate also hosts a range of events. Some of these events include wedding showcases, festivals and high profile visitors.

Have you ever visited Borris House? Let us know in the comments your experience and if you attended an event at the house.

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