Boatyard Double Gin at Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskellen

Updated On: June 29, 2018

How to best serve a Boatyard Double Gin? That’s exactly the question we were answered via the amazing Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel and Lodges in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.

Since we are showing the best drinks from around Ireland, we should first ask: do you like Gin? If your answer is yes then you should check the hotel and bar out via their website and go there to try the boatyard gin which they do serve in the place.

Drinks and cocktails in general are always related to the part where we have to say that right choices are needed because they would either make or break our moods and days. Going out with friends for the weekend or even enjoying a drink at home with your loved one is considered something that lots of people cherish because it does not happen every single day and it usually ends the day in a good way, which is exactly the same reason why we decided to head to the Lakeside Bar & Grill in Killyhevlin Hotel and meet Steve the barman who enjoyed giving us different recipes for some of the cocktails which he prepares and at the same time tell us about some drinks which are considered the best in the place, just like the boatyard gin.

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