14 Best UK Tattoo Artists You Need to Visit Right Now

Best UK Tattoo Artists

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Remember the last time you wanted to find the best UK tattoo artists to get inked for the next summer?

No worries, if you come here looking for an excellent tattoo design, Congratulations! We have got you covered. We have garnered a bunch of the best UK tattoo artists that will completely match your own style and aesthetic.

Also, you will find their Instagram accounts to find dope design inspirations. So, whether you’re serious about your tattoo, getting your arm inked, or you want to treat your eyes with state-of-the-art tats, this article will please you! 

Let’s go!

Best UK Tattoo Artists 

Thankfully, the UK is known for its incredible tattoo artists. It will never fall short of beautiful, meticulously crafted designs. This country is flooded with the best artists, regardless of your taste. There is something for you here. 

Mowgli: THE BEST

Mowgli is one of the best UK tattoo artists with a distinctive touch that might not be for everyone! But what is so special about Mowgli is that he has designs for all body parts. Mowgli believes in one thing; any empty spot should be filled with imaginative pieces. He is willing to work on your long-waiting tattoo for more than three days just to guarantee you get what you want, and that’s why his striking art will enchant anyone with a distinct impression that will never fade away.  

He is a jack of all trades, tapping into his own school. He has a powerful fine-line work that uses black and grey ink with different and innovative concepts. Just browse his page, and you will definitely want to send him right now to book an appointment. 

Instagram: Mowgli artist

Location: Through My Third Eye, London

Chris Green: Highly Recommended

Your tattoo will stay with you for a long time; also, you will definitely LOVE it at first sight. Chris Green is a unique artist who makes a creation that varies between interaction and sampling from superb materials. So, you might need to book an appointment ahead of time as many tattoo fans target them from across the world.

Chris is known for multiple styles, the brightly-hued paints with beautiful combinations that stand out in his profile. That’s why his reputation crosses all genres and borders. His custom-designed tattoos are indeed a revelation of artworks with a fine-line mix fusing between real and surreal.

Yes, it might be traditional, but what you get will entice you to let people notice your design wherever you go. Chris master’s large bold art shining with a unique colour palette that will cover a wide area of your body, but it will blow anyone’s mind once you show up.  

Just visit his Instagram page below, and you will love it to bits like us!

Instagram: IMChrisGreen

Location: Manchester, England

Jak Connolly: Top-Rated

His art crosses the world with themed-printed work that will capture anyone’s attention, thanks to his beautiful grasp of shape and flow using only black and grey hues. Nothing can be good enough said about how Connolly uses his gift to create a mighty final product transforming even abstract elements into eye-catching paintings that will turn heads. It’s one of the favourite types of millennials who are picky to have a vibrant and dynamic look. 

He is well-known for his neo-traditional style, with dark and illustrative outlines combining female figures with 3D shapes with different intensified lines. Inspired by classic American tattooing, Connolly provides depth in dimensions with statement ink. Just rest assured, he is the right one to design a perfect artistry work to cover your leg or arm. 

Instagram: JakConnollyArt

Location: Bournemouth/Manchester

Courtney Lloyd

It’s so much the norm to be captivated by his art that it’s almost stranger not to be so! Courtney can give you a small but iconic tat that is unique and not on the list. Her creations often feature animals fused with flowers and some natural elements, celebrating the beauty of simplicity. She is obsessed with small images, but if you have intricate portraits in mind, Courtney prefers them too. 

Book an appointment if you like black lines combined with vibrant wildlife shapes. Oh, need ting script? Her needle will help you get what you’re searching for— just let her go with her imagination, and you will never get disappointed.   

Instagram: CourtneyLloydTattoos

Location: Hackney, London

Frank Carter

Frank Carter, one of the best UK tattoo artists, will inspire you with his impressive career, starting as a singer and then using his gifted hands to create something extraordinary. Carter runs a comfortable tattoo studio cafe in London for a more exceptional experience to feel at home while getting inked.

His work centres around the classic American style of covering your body with something realistic but potent to have a new look with a traditional style. His studio embraces several other artists, so don’t hesitate to let one of his students create mind-blowing drawings on your skin if Frank is unavailable. They are well-trained to produce paintings that will have you screaming aloud, “What a BEAUTIFUL tattoo!”  

Instagram: FrankCarter23

Location: Rose of Mercy, London

Poppy Smallhands

Known for henna- and mehndi style, Poppy is ready for a small and large-scale project that will open a new chapter in your life. She can master simple flowers in super meticulously illustrated work. Undoubtedly, Poppy has a talent that helps her stand out. Also, she is a pro at creating female figures that blend authentic pictures with dreamscapes. 

Want to run wild? Poppy will help you have your favourite Disney characters with smooth freehand lines on your skin.  Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with her work once you check out her Instagram page and notice her enthusiasm and passion when designing your intricate, gorgeous design.   

Instagram: PoppySmallHandsTattoo

Location: Norwich, UK

Josh Young

Josh’s sketch style combined different concepts with one focal point: the show’s stars. 

But why is he considered one of the best UK tattoo artists?

Josh is a surprisingly talented tattoo designer who creates geometric, themed or simple portraits. Expect to find different styles in one artwork that manifests his sharp skills. Additionally, John can craft a legendary script to print your favourite quote on your leg or arm. He has some of the purest gradients to bring life to your tattoo using colours.

He can give you big, ornate, or minor, powerful tattoos that mix photorealism with symbolic items! All tattoo lovers always hit Josh’s tattoo studio to get the most out of needles. Visit his Instagram account below to check out more snippets.   

Instagram: JoshYoungTattooer

Location: South Wales & Southwest England

Zinaida Pasko

This time, you don’t need to experience body pain. Zinaida has mastered the art of vivid watercolours work, which got her a lot of positive feedback on Inkppl.

So, what is a watercolour tattoo?

It’s a method allowing you to have a brighter marking on your skin without the pain caused by the needle. This tattoo type consists of several colour gradients, and the artist should perfect special techniques to produce a more gradual colour fade-out inspired by the classic watercolour images. 

Zinaida is a go-to artist if you’re carving for an incredible portrait filled with detail and lifelike. If you’re not interested in colouring, she can craft an entirely black and grey portrait, primarily displaying scenes. 

Small or big, all you want is showcasing in her Instagram account. Check it out before you book your session.   

Instagram: Zinaida Pasko

Location: London, UK

ᴋᴇᴇʟʏ ɢʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀs

Once you get on her page, you will see how Keely is enjoying what she is doing with funny, nostalgic designs and pastel-hued portraits, which is why she’s already racked up more than 100k followers. Well, there are two types of the best UK tattoo artists: dark and cheerful. Thankfully, Keely belongs to the second flock. 

Her artistry watercolour tattooing style doesn’t contradict her talent to create a fine-line big design that will cover your back. What we love about her work is the realistic look without too many surreal concepts. Whatever you want, ᴋᴇᴇʟʏ is here to touch up for beautiful artwork.

Instagram: KeelyGlitters

Location: Leamington, UK

Jean Le Roux

Jean is legit in creating different types and styles of tattoos. You can find him in his studio Good Fortune, in London, working passionately to please everyone who steps inside his kingdom. His wife also helps him run their studio, focusing on only seamless yet timeless designs that make his clients come back for him every time.  

Be prepared for classic neo-traditional and black-and-grey designs featuring aesthetics combining fairies, animals, and floral elements. Jean can offer versatility, from giant portraits to striking single-needle scenes.  Not just tattooing, his wife can help you get natural microblading for your eyebrows for an entirely fresh look.

Whether you’re heartbroken or just want something new to celebrate, Jean can satisfy you with a conceptual design that will go through all life stages.    

Instagram: JeanLeRoux

Location: King’s Cross Rd, London

Rizza Boo

Rizzo uses colours sparingly with a more traditional and bright style. However, you can trust her with huge artwork because she has an excellent eye for tiny details. Rizza’s artistry work combines boldness and a dash of girliness. 

Human portraits, girl heads, and animals are all showcased heavily in her designs. Wherever she needs to touch up, she travels across the UK, but her studio is located in Glasgow, Scotland. Also, she can manage large-sized tattoos or simple classic prints. She is always well-prepared to create her magic. 

Breakups or makeups, you can find Rizza Boo as a supporting buddy for your story. That’s why you might expect a long waiting list, but it’s totally worth it.

Instagram: Rizza_Boo

Location: Glasgow, UK

Matt Daniels

There are no skulls, minimalistic or geometric patterns or even dark serpents here. Instead, cartoons and video games are all featured in Matt’s work. Yes, it is COOL! 

And, of course, Simpsons and anime… WOW! That makes him one of the best UK tattoo artists, as he has invested in his reputation for the past several years to build something that would speak on his behalf. But, of course, any delightfully nerdy piece can be found in his previous designs.

His love for the tattooing realm guides him to smash through his clients with funny and unique source material. 

If you’re looking for a tiny signature tattoo or consistent and dedicated huge art, book your session this week and expect to find a comfortable ambience while getting inked.   

Instagram: StickyPop

Location: Preston, England

Ryan Evans

Ryan is another celebrity UK tattoo artist whose calling card carries enormous, detailed portraits. His beautiful spirit might showcase his insanely gorgeous aesthetic, but you can tell him exactly what you want on your skin. His passion for the tattooing he comes up with can be noticed in the outstanding inspiration he draws from that flow organically on the body. He is a guru for creating stunning pieces printed over existing tattoos.  

Hercules or Morgan Freeman, your favourite character, can now be perfectly drawn over your arm or leg. If you are still unsure of your session with Rayn, hit his Instagram account and take the plunge to check out his black-and-white prints. 

Instagram: Ryan Evans

Location: London, UK

Vagabond Tattoo Studio

It’s one of the best tattoo studios in the UK where you can get designs, like a beautiful a-few-centimetres butterfly. You will love checking his account for its unique mini designs.

But what if you need a big area covered on your arm? The studio comprises a bunch of excellent and friendly names. What we like the most about this space is that you can get anything except traditional subject matter. Then, of course, you can ask for it, but it’s different from what they are in for. 

All tattoo designers here are artists giving exquisite tattoos in this millennial world where flowery patterns are out, and the sweet fine-line work is in. Clients always praise them for their detailed designs and their various styles.

Instagram: Vagabond_Tattoostudio

Location: Hackney Road, London, UK

What do I need to consider before getting inked?

Before searching for the best UK tattoo artists, you need a more comprehensive picture of what you should do.
First, any tattoo artists you choose to check in with, always expect a waiting list.
Second, don’t take anyone’s word for it, including us. Walk-ins to a famous studio don’t guarantee you the best experience you’re seeking out. Always read reviews and comments and ask people if they faced any problems in this parlour. 
Third, and the most important thing, is the meaning behind your design. Remember, you don’t just want to print an image on your arm. It’s essential to have a concept that justifies the pain, the time, and the cost. Nonetheless, you would have something on your skin that reflects NOTHING! 
Sometimes, there is more than one correct meaning. As long as you have your reason, it’s sufficient and suitable!
But why? 
Because it will make more sense for you and the tattoo artists, the more they understand your motivation, the better they get it done. 
If you have already considered all these, get ready to be inked! 

How much does a tattoo cost me in the UK?

It depends on the size and parlour you will get your tattoo at. First, a small image covering a few square centimetres will cost around £50.
The larger the area you get inked, the more you pay, and you can pay up to around £600. Also, the more hours the tattoo artist will spend designing your art, the more you will pay. The average rate with the best UK tattoo artists is about £120.

How long should you wait between tattoos?

You can get multiple tattoos at once, but we don’t recommend this strategy. Instead, wait two weeks to give your first one enough time to heal. 

What are the styles of tattoos?

We can sort out tattoos into more than 12 types, but we choose the most common three types to help you strike off the undesired styles. 
It’s the first style most people prefer, with bold and striking colours using distinctive outlines. Most of the time, it’s inspired by nautical elements and wild imagery. Known as the classic American tattoo, it mixes roses, female faces and hearts. Introduced in 1930, this traditional style is still a consistent pick for tattoo lovers in the UK. 
It’s one of the most common styles nowadays. But, most importantly, it’s a trend that will never let go if done correctly. You can get only one geometric element or pick a blend of organic shapes. Defined by sharp lines, the main image can include curves and geometric figures that will formulate a unique picture. 
Fine line
Want to stand out with a simple yet elegant look? Go for Fine Lines.
Designed with tiny needles, fine-line tattoos come with a thin, delicate design using only black and grey ink. The artists will shift their focus from shading and applying different hues to the paint with intricate lines. The only advice you need to know is to choose the most talented artist who can accomplish this with one single line.   

Now, please tell us below who the best tattoo artist in the UK, in your opinion, is. 

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