Best Things to Do in Albufeira


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Family holiday or hen party, whatever the occasion Albufeira is the perfect destination for everyone. So, what are the best things to do in Albufeira.

Albufeira is known for its stunning beaches and lively nightlife but it has so much more to offer and has hidden gems just waiting to be explored. It is the perfect destination for those who like to relax, adventure and party as it has all in one place.

best things to do in Albufeira
Albufeira has so much to offer and you will have endless fun doing activities from our list of the best things to do in Albufeira

Best Things to Do in Albufeira with Family

Slide around the Waterparks

There are two waterparks you and the family can choose from on your trip to Albufeira. Waterparks are fun for all the family and are definitely one of the best things to do in Albufeira.

Slide & Splash

You are guaranteed a jam packed day full of fun and excitement at Slide & Splash. With 20 slides to choose from you can decide what ones you want to do or do them all. Will you brave the Big Wave or sing your way down Disco River. Take a break from the adrenaline of the waterslides and go see the Wild Splash Show and get up close to birds of prey and learn a little about them. If slides aren’t your thing why not relax for awhile and get a massage and enjoy a fish spa. With an ice-cream shop, restaurant and shop at Slide & Splash you can spend the whole day without having to worry about getting food.


Another great waterpark is Aquashow, roughly a 30 minute drive from Albufeira. Although Aquashow has less waterparks than Slide & Splash it has more shows to offer. Choose to float down the Lazy River or give the waterparks newest slide Mammothblast a go. If the slides aren’t enough to satisfy your adrenaline buzz, why not give the amusement rides, Air Race and Top Swing a try. Once you have tired yourself out from the adventures go and see the fabulous shows that Aquashow put on everyday. From Parrot shows, bird of prey shows and reptile shows you are sure to find one that takes your interest.

Spend a day at the Zoomarine

Zoomarine is a lovely place to spend the day with the family. With shows that keep both children and adults entertained. The Zoomarine has many different shows on offer throughout the day including seal presentations, sea lion presentations and tropical bird presentations or go see the impressive pirate themed acrobatic show. Cool down at the waterpark and enjoy the Jurassic River or go up in the air on the Giant Wheel to get an amazing view of the park from above. Zoomarine also offer a dolphin experience that allows you and your family to swim and interact with dolphins with a trainer present. Whatever you decide to do at Zoomarine you are guaranteed an unforgettable day out.

Discover the animals at Krazy World

Krazy World is an interactive zoo that will have something for the entire family. Go to the petting farm and get up close to lamas, deers and goats. Krazy World also allows you and the family to interact with rabbits, tortoises and birds to name a few and if you are feeling brave you can feed lemurs and crocodiles. Once you have seen all the animals in the zoo you can do a round of mini golf, zip around the circuits on Krazy World’s pedal karts or go up in the air on the ziplines and high ropes in the park.

Practise your Golf Skills at Mini Golf

Albufeira Adventure MiniGolf is a fun way to spend some time on your trip to Albufeira. The 18 hole + 2 bonus holes on the course will bring out the competitive side of your family and friends. This MiniGolf course promises to challenge and entertain you with its unique design. There is a bar and restaurant next to the golf course that you can sit down, relax, eat and drink at all while watching fellow minigolfers make their way through the MiniGolf course.

Zoom around the Karting Track

Whether you have a need for speed or not, Almancil Karting – Family Park has activities for everyone in the family. For any Formula 1 fans, Almancil Karting has an impressive circuit called Ayrton Senna Circuit which is a replica of F1 circuit Jacarepaguá in Brazil. There is also junior and baby circuits for the younger ones in the family. If karting isn’t for you why not try the trampoline, ride the rodeo bulls or go to battle with your family and friends with a paintballing activity. Almancil Karting Family park also allows you to go on Buggies for 1 or 2 hours, however the driver will need a drivers license in order to take part.

Explore Albufeira on the Mini Train

Taking the mini train around Albufeira is sure to go down a hit with the children. For just €7 you can get an all day ticket for the Tourist train that will bring you around to the best tourist spots that Albufeira has to offer. You can do the two routes and hop on and off at your own pace exploring the beauties of the town without all the walking.

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Adventure in Albufeira

Best Things to Do in Albufeira
Kayaking through the Benagil caves is a unique experience and should be one your list of best things to do in Albufeira.

Kayak into the Benagil Caves

Kayaking into the Benagil Caves should be on the top of your list of the best things to do in Albufeira. With the Benagil Caves Kayaking Experience spend two hours kayaking the Algarve coastline and take in the gorgeous views around you. You can choose from 1 person or 2 person kayaks. Your guide will bring you into the Benagil caves where you will stop for awhile to admire the beauty of the cave and then you will continue to kayak the coast before making your way back to Benagil beach. You may do a lot of activities on your trip to Albufeira but kayaking the Benagil caves is an experience you will not forget.

Jet Skiing & Flyboarding

If your looking for something fun and exciting to do why not give jet skiing and flyboarding a go. Release your inner adrenaline junkie and take on the latest thrilling craze, flyboarding. This unique water sport allows you fly out of the water and hover in the air above the Atlantic Ocean. Or, feel like you are in a James Bond movie jumping over the waves of the ocean on a jet ski.

See Amazing Views by Parasail

Get the best view of the Algarve coastline while flying through the sky on a parasail. Choose to go solo or have someone by your side as you glide through the air above the crystal blue ocean. Parasailing usually lasts about 10 minutes and it is more than enough time to soak in the beautiful scenery around you.


Another different experience to add to your list of the best things to do in Albufeira is snorkelling. Discover Albufeira’s marine life up close whilst also getting expert insights from your professional guide. If the idea of scuba diving scares you but you would love to explore the underwater world then snorkelling is perfect for you.

Nightlife in Albufeira

Best Things to Do in Albufeira
If partying is your thing then dancing long into the night at The Strip is one of the best things to do in Albufeira.

As well as having beautiful beaches and plenty of activities, Albufeira has an unbelievable nightlife. The Strip is the epitome of party central. Walking down The Strip is like looking at Las Vegas with its neon lights, loud music and energetic buzz. You are guaranteed a fun night at the Strip with so many different bars and clubs to choose from. Many bars will try and entice you in by offering free shots or special deals on cocktails. Be prepared to sing and dance into the early hours as bars in Albufeira don’t close until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and the nightclubs stay open until 6.

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Best Things to Do in Albufeira Oldtown

The Oldtown is a must visit on your list of best things to do in Albufeira. The quaint fishing village offers exquisite alfresco dining and also has fabulous shops where you can buy anything from fabulous clothing to little tokens. Go to the oldtown in the evening and eat at one of the many beachfront restaurants to watch the sunset as you dine.

During the day explore the narrow cobblestone streets and relax on one of the two beaches, Praia dos Pescadores or Praia do Peneco. If you have a love for history the old town has a small museum called the Municipal Museum of Archaeology which holds artefacts from the Roman and Islamic age and also the prehistoric and modern era.

Best Things to Do in Albufeira
The Marina de Albufeira is bustling with activity and is a nice spot to pass by a few hours.

Marina de Albufeira is to the west of the Old Town. It is surrounded by colourful buildings that brighten up the marina and create an uplifting atmosphere. There are many lovely restaurants and bars along the marina so you can sit down and relax with a coffee or a cocktail. Some of the bars have live music that livens up the marina and will keep you entertained while sitting out in the glorious sun.

There are many shops that the you can browse around in and there is an arcade for the children to be kept amused. If you decide to do any boat excursions you will more than likely leave from Marina de Albufeira so you could time your day to spend a few hours exploring what the marina has to offer before your chosen activity.

Other Fun Things to Do in Albufeira

We already have an extensive list of things to do in Albufeira but there are still more options available to you. Here are a few fun and unique things you can do in Albufeira that you may not have thought of.


Take a TukTuk Ride around Albufeira

Whether you need to get to a specific destination, want to see Albufeira without walking or just can’t tackle the big hill to get back to your hotel, a TukTuk is the way to go. You will have a laugh zooming through the streets of Albufeira on the back of a TukTuk. The novelty of the TukTuk makes this a unique experience for those of us who are more used to taxis and cars.

Go on a Catamaran

If you don’t get seasickness then a boat trip should definitely be on your list of best things to do in Albufeira. You get to admire the caves and coastlines on board a catamaran as you cruise along the ocean. Going on a catamaran is a fun and exciting way to spend a few hours as you get the opportunity to jump in and swim in the ocean and when you are finished swimming, can relax on board and sunbathe while taking in the stunning views.

If cruises are your idea of fun and you would like to experience something a little different you can also choose to go dolphin watching. Albufeira offers cruises around the coastline where you will get to see dolphins as they swim and play in their natural habitat. This is a special experience that will be a highlight of your trip to Albufeira.

Dance at a Boat Party

Best Things to Do in Albufeira
If you are holidaying with a group of friends a boat party is a unique experience and one of the best things to do in Albufeira.

See the beautiful coastline and caves of Albufeira while partying on a boat. A boat party is a fun way to spend an evening and it gives you the chance to jump off a boat and swim for awhile. Sing and dance the evening away and watch the stunning sunset on the coastline as you sail the sea. It is recommended to bring warm clothes for when the sunsets as the sea breeze can get quite chilly.

Relax and Eat on the Beach

Albufeira has a selection of beaches to choose from. Praia da Oura offers a tranquil escape to its visitors with its soft white sand and clear blue waters. Spend the day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea. There are many water activities readily available for beach goers from banana boats to paddle boats. Praia da Oura has a variety of restaurants located above the beach which offer gorgeous views of the beach at anytime of day. A few days at Praia da Oura is definitely one of the best things to do in Albufeira.

Jeep Safari

A half day Jeep Safari is a cool activity to do while on your trip to Albufeira. Get out of the busy towns and explore the mountains on wheels. With swim stops and food tasting included on safari it is truly a unique experience you won’t forget. A guide will bring you along and cover the landscape’s highlights as you drive through the mountains and see parts of the Algarve that you would have never seen before.

Have fun at Scad Dive Costa Amusement Park

The 50 meter FreeFall at Scad Dive Costa Amusement Park’s is sure to give you a rush of adrenaline. This is a perfect activity for those who like adventure and want to do something unique. If the heights frighten you not to worry as there are many other activities for you and the family to enjoy. With trampolines, bouncy castle, water boats and more you won’t get bored at Scad Dive Costa Amusement Park located close to the Strip in Albufeira.

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