Best Places to Visit Bonn

Updated On: June 25, 2023

Bonn, Germany

Best Places to Visit Bonn

Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The city is located on the banks of the Rhine, a dozen kilometres south of the confluence of the Sieg and Rhine. There are hills in the south and plains and valleys in the north. It was once the capital of West Germany until 1990. As the former capital, here remain some significant German companies headquarters and EU offices. This city is also the birthplace of the notable composer Beethoven and the famous gummy sweet “Haribo ” origin place. 

It might not be a big prosperous city, but you won’t regret visiting this gorgeous historic city.

Visit Drachensfels Castle

Drachenfels means dragon rock in German. The castle Berg Drachenfels is located on one of the hills of the Siebengebirge. To get to the castle, you can take a good walk or take the funicular in order to get there. It takes some effort and a bit of hiking to arrive at the top of the castle because some paths are quite steep. 

Therefore it is better to wear comfortable shoes that are durable for walking. When you arrive at the top, there are tourist shops, seating areas, and a restaurant to let you take a rest. People can have a spectacular view over Rhein.

Haribo Factory Outlet (Haribo Fabrikverkauf Factory)

Haribo stands for Hans Riegel Bonn. Hans Riegel comes from the founder’s name, Johannes Hans Riegel. “Bonn” originates from the location of the headquarters. 

Here is heaven for sugar lovers. Not only can you find a competitive price for all Haribo products, but you also have your personalized gummy bear selection. All Haribo products are available, even those produced for specific countries only. Such as Gummy sweets that are made into tourist attractions. And Bonn has its own Haribo product, too. You can buy the pieces individually, in small buckets or in packages. It’s a great option to buy your gifts for your friends.


University of Bonn

Waldau is a part of the City Bonn forest. It is located in the southern part of Bonn, which is in Venusberg. Although it is close to the mountains, it is still reachable by bus or car. 

There are beautiful walking paths in the woods for walking, jogging or riding. You can also see red deers, fallow deers, mouflons, and wild boars in the wild park. They are held in large and natural enclosures. There is also a playground area for children. Waldau is best known as a destination for excursions. Near the entrance is a restaurant for tourists to have a meal or afternoon tea. If you are looking for free things to do in Bonn, this is ideal as no entrance fee is needed.

University of Bonn Hofgarten

In 1818 this university was built by Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. It is one of the great traditional Universities in Germany. Many significant politicians, philosophers, litterateurs studied here and made great success. Such as Konrad Adenauer, who is the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of West Germany. Also, the poet Heinrich Heine and philosopher Karl Marx are notable alumni from the University of Bonn. The University of Bonn is not a campus university, but the buildings are distributed throughout the city. Hofgarten is located in front of the main building, where people can have a gathering or have a picnic in sunny weather since it’s a big green area for students to relax when the weather’s comfortable and to have a great time.

Cherry Blossom at Heerstraße

Cherry Blossom at Heerstraße, Bonn Germany

Heerstraße(Heerstreet) is in Altstadt. Altstadt means old town in German. It is also close to the centre in Bonn. There are lots of unique local style shops, which sell locally branded products with Bonn features. There are lots of bars and restaurants to check out in the evening to experience the Bonn nightlife with great food and drinks.

If you are planning to visit between March and April, it’s the perfect time to experience the cherry blossom trees of Bonn. People stop and take many pictures in order to gaze at the beauty of the blossom. As you walk along the street, it feels as if you were in a dreamy wonderland.

Munster Square (Münsterplatz)

Munster Square, Bonn Germany

Munster Square is located in the centre of Bonn.

 This place is bustling with people every day. There are plenty of shops and department stores, such as Galeria and Kaufhof, are located around the Square. The post office and the city hall are nearby Munster Square. 

Of course, as the birthplace of Beethoven, the Beethoven monument stands in front of the Square. Lots of events are held here, especially the annual Christmas market. On weekends there are lots of cafes to go to and a great way to have a relaxing daytime.

Bonn is not only a place steeped in history. It is also an important cultural centre in the region. It is a city in the heart of Europe, a city with the proverbial Rhenish charm. Because of its central location, Bonn is an ideal starting point for trips within Germany and across Europe. Bonn is an old city that has stayed young. City life and nature experience are close together. Thus Bonn is definitely one of the worth- visit cities in Germany.  

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