Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Glasgow: Your Ultimate Guide to AWESOME Scotland Hotels 

Updated On: February 28, 2023

Best Places to stay in Glasgow

Find the best places to stay in Glasgow from bloggers’ advice to plan your visit to Glasgow, Scotland. This city will blow your mind! So, stay tuned.  

Glasgow might be the perfect fit for you! And, of course, there is a reason why it’s one of the UK’s most visited nations— its stark beauty, varied regions to visit, impressive yet harsh countryside, and plenty of tourist diversity. 

In this guide, we will find out the best places to stay in Glasgow; however, the city offers more than just three, but it’s a way to narrow down your options before flying to this terrific small nation!

Best Places to Stay in Glasgow

Wondering which are the best places to stay in Glasgow? Check out our updated picks, including the most popular and less-known neighbourhoods, but for sure, all of them will encourage you to travel to this picturise city:


Crowned to be one of the hippest and best places to stay in Glasgow by many media outlines, Finniestion will bring you many adventures, according to UK Travel Statistics. It’s a surprisingly lovely spot in Scotland without too much gentrification.

It’s the best place to capture bomb pictures and short shoots for your social media accounts, blending hipster restaurants, antique stores, and working-class spots. The neighbourhood’s splendour has never been pushed back thus far. You can see that this hipster vibe has been embodied in each corner without being exaggerating or pretentious.

If you want to stay close to boutique shopping, our travel bloggers recommend finding a place close to Argyle Street. Don’t forget that Finnieston will give you exclusive access to the Hydro.

In case you don’t know the Hydro? It’s the new arena established for the Commonwealth Games, where you can attend a delightful concert, especially if you show up here in Spring.

And here is the most incredible part, you will be rewarded with a bunch of international chain hotels with a restful view over the river. And all pretty Glasgow’s attractions are located within walking distance. So, no worries, we’ve got you covered.  

Best Hotels in Finniestion

The Alamo

Location: 46 Gray Street Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Rate: 9.4

Price: £266 per night

One of the top-rated hotels in Glasgow, The Alamo is a prestigious 3-star guest house, but you feel you have landed in a 7-star territory (well, let’s not overstate it, but trust me, it deserves more than just 3 stars).

Choose a lovely room with a Kelvingrove Park view where you will barely want to leave it to soak up this vibrant atmosphere. Better yet, your room design has a modern finish with an exquisite touch that will remind you of the grandeur of Western history. The final look fuses stylish contemporary colours with cosy fixtures. 

And that’s it, book now if you need to have such an experience. 

Village Hotel Glasgow

Location: 7 Festival Gate Pacific Quay, Glasgow

Rate: 8.2

Price: £83 per night

It belongs to the excellent hotel chain operating in many UK regions. The building might seem like a typical international chain, but it embraces more than you might guess. It mixes contemporary decor with soothing vibes and well-equipped rooms and restaurants. Also, it’s affordable if you plan to stay in Scotland for over 2 nights. 

What we like the most is the location. You don’t have to travel far or wide to find a funky place to explore; everything is well-placed around you.  

City Centre

Looking for the best places to stay in Glasgow? It will be in the City Centre, especially if it’s your first time.


All tourist attractions uphold here waiting for you. Also, you can navigate the city easily, thanks to the Central train station and another bus station. This place will be heaven for people who love staying close to the bustling side as many Scottish pubs are close.  

Even if you plan to go beyond Glasgow and explore the rest of Scotland, it’s also the place to go. 

Interested in shopping? You have plenty of fantastic shopping centres filled with traditional stores that make you feel you made it to the gate on time.

Interested in sightseeing? You cannot resist your curiosity to stroll around the many landmarks located just right here.

Interested in nightlife? Don’t get me started! Literally, everything is located at your doorstep. 

Best Hotels in the City Centre

The Z Hotel Glasgow

Location: 36 North Frederick Street, Glasgow

Rate: 8.3

Price: £40 per night

This unique hotel is the connoisseur’s choice for relaxation. It’s found by coincidence while strolling around the city. It lies in an old printworks, adding a new layer of magic to the whole post-card location. It’s unmissable to immerse in a city break that will give you the superpower to turn the red light to green (Kidding! But you will thank me later for suggesting this charming hotel). This place combines a galaxy of A-list celebrities, and you will know why once you step inside. Most importantly, it connects the city’s heart with the superb historic George Square. You will feel that the time has stopped just right here.

Ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

Location: 36 North Frederick Street, Glasgow

Rate: 8.7

Price: £67 per night

It’s the perfect Glasgow hotel for solo travellers who love staying close to the centre, only 200 meters from George Square. Inspired by the cultural diversity of Scotland, every room offers a funky vibe. This welcoming accommodation wants you to say hello to humour, comfort, and easiness. And remember to check out the top-notch shopping spots nearby before you leave. 

West End

Nothing can beat West End, Glasgow. Coming along the River Clyde, this neighbour is different from the place if you need to stay close to the centre, but you will feel the barefoot luxury of Scotland. However, you will probably need to take a cab to journey out of Glasgow, especially for well-known attractions. Otherwise, hotels will offer reasonable prices and atmospheric vibes.

Plan to visit the epic Riverside Museum, then drive down to Byres Road for a nice cup of tea and English cake. You can find shops, bars, and cafes lined with a sophisticated cultural hub wherever you turn.  Additionally, a bunch of unconventional landmarks will level up your excitement, just like Sir George Gilbert Scott’s Glasgow University, one of the oldest universities in the world.    

Need a swanky hotel to stay in? Bring your pen as you need to build a list of the finest hotels in Britain, but we make it easy by adding just the top two hotels to make your reservation right now. 

depositphotos 86906392 stock photo broomhill drive glasgow 1 Find the best places to stay in Glasgow from bloggers' advice to plan your visit to Glasgow, Scotland. This city will blow your mind! So, stay tuned.  

Best Hotels in West End 

Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens

Location: 1 Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow

Rate: 8.8

Price: £120 per night

At the centre of ancient times, you’d love to stay at this state-of-art hotel located in the West End. It will treat you with different experiences through the Renaissance into modernity. It’s one of the best places to stay in Glasgow, according to The Guardian. You might have the power to control the city through your window, as it gets you access to a fashionable yet luxury Grade II-listed Victorian open space, bringing you the vibe of townhomes mixing with a country house. 

If you get hungry, just order your delicious cuisine in Devonshire Gardens’ award-winning restaurant. 

Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel

Location: 1-9 Grosvenor Terrace Great Western Road, Glasgow

Rate: 7.7

Price: £105 per night

It would be best if you came to this hotel in the cuffing season to lose yourself in its comfortable modern rooms while an inclusive area of shops and cafes is within less than 2 minutes. Here you can find your dream vacation, especially if you decide to attend any event and enjoy the festival ambience. 

What is the best time to visit Glasgow?

You can enjoy the beauty of Glasgow in Spring and Summer, which means between March and August. However, expect high accommodation prices. You can also come here to taste Christmas vibes, but the days are short.

What is the coolest area in Glasgow?

It depends on what you want to get from here. I see City Centre as the coolest area in Glasgow. Others said it’s West End, as you can savour the relaxed vibes mixed with different lanes lined with surprising restaurants and pubs. And most importantly, the bohemian setting. So, check out more videos about the city and pick the best one for you.

How many days should I stay in Glasgow?

Generally, 2-3 days can be enough to hit the popular attractions and historic sites and explore fantastic parks. Also, you can stay more if you are going for relaxation; it’s a laid-back getaway to clean your mind deeply and recharge your soul.

So, what would it be like to fly to Scotland, especially Glasgow? That’s the closest you will get from this trip. Happy travels!

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