Best Cafes to Visit in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Updated On: April 05, 2022

Belfast Cafes

Belfast Cafes Are Not To Be Missed

There are lots of coffee lovers out there or even those who end up looking for a nice place where they could enjoy some brunch. To help these two different types of people, we decided to go on a mission to find the best cafes in Belfast and we have to say that we succeeded.


The first cafe we came across is Espresso Elements that is found in Belfast City Centre. We fell in love with the different choices that are found there from cakes and bakeries, as well as the perfect coffee which we received. In addition to the good coffee that they offer, there are also some good bakery delights found here. That kept us unable to make the final choice. Altogether this is a Great cafe with great coffee and a great atmosphere. Check out a further video below of this cafe, maybe it’ll make you want to visit.

Arizona Cafe

The second stop in this journey for exploring the best cafes in Belfast was Arizona Cafe which is located on Lisburn Road. At this cafe, we tried their cappuccino  which was really nice and strong and good way to wake you up in the morning.

Pocket Cafe

Going further, we reached Pocket Cafe that is located in front of Queens University – so it would a good spot for students wanting to take a break from studying. Pocket Cafe specializes in single origin high-quality coffee which comes in addition to the fresh bakery that is available and the brunch menu which one could choose from.

Co Couture

The list is still on fire! There are still some other different cafes scattered all around Belfast which you could enjoy your time and get some great coffee. The next stop was at Co Couture which is perfect for delicious hot chocolate that it serves here – possibly the best hot chocolate i’ve tried in a long time.

French Village

One of the cafes we loved the most and might be our favourite is the French Village that is actually a Patisserie. French Village serves the best desserts out here – too many options to choose from, so we had to have a few and they all were yummy.

Kaffe O

Moving forward to bring more options for those searching for the best cafes in Belfast, we also went to the Kaffe o which serves Nordic coffee and which was started by an owner who spent good time in Copenhagen and thus brought back their cafe idea which bring good amount of effort in preparing the coffee with those coffee beans that come in sacks to the place.

In Boden cafe, we also tried their coffee and loved how it was made which we  found out afterwards that it is prepared from the passion that the owner and her father had for coffee and which led them to start this business.

The last part of our cafe finding trip ended with Cafe Mauds which is a new place that was trying its things and we knew how they tend to prepare the crepe and how they also manage to serve you the ice-cream with its additions; it was all yummy that we could have stayed in the place for longer to try everything. ūüôā

When it comes to food, desserts, and coffee, it is all different and the choices of the place in which you will be eating or drinking should be done correctly enough in order not to regret the choice or else end up with a bad experience. We guarantee choosing any of these different choices in Belfast when it comes to the best cafes out there because every single one of them serves its coffee or desserts in a different special way that would leave you drooling and asking for more, so you have got to pass by any of them at some point.

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