Best 10 Destinations for the Best Christmas Celebrations!

Best 10 Destinations for the Best Christmas Celebrations!

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The season of magic and wonders is nearing, and while it is perfectly fine and extremely amicable to spend a quiet Christmas at home with the family, a holiday adventure is never a bad idea. 

Seeing how the world celebrates this holistic occasion and letting the spirit of the holiday carry you over to new and exciting destinations could give you that extra dash of magic you need in your life, especially around the Holidays and near the beginning of a new year. 

Luckily, there are lots of places around our planet where Christmas magic can be so strong, you can almost see it with your own eyes. More luckily for you, we have compiled for you a list of the best 10 out of said places. 

New York City, USA

Best 10 Destinations for the Best Christmas Celebrations!

A natural and quite predictable top one in our list of destinations is, of course, the city of dreams, New York City. Stunning Christmas lights, the world’s tallest Christmas tree under Rockafeller center, ice skating among bright light shows, are just some of the things the Big Apple offers you during the season of joy. 

If you can, make sure to stick around for New Year’s too, so you can catch the iconic Times Square Ball Drop and the incredible fireworks at Central Park and New York Harbor. 

The Vatican, Italy

The Vatican city never really lacks in magic, all year round. However, the season of Christmas in the Vatican witnesses extraordinary magic than the rest of the year. Pilgrims flood the city to visit St. Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve to have an unforgettable, and incomparably special day. 

To fully enjoy the Italian experience, head to Venice to celebrate New Year’s Eve in one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. You can welcome the new year by watching the fireworks display across the Venetian sky while being serenaded in one of Venice’s gorgeous canals. It doesn’t get any more magical than this, does it?

Lapland, Finland

Nothing says Christmas more than Santa Clause himself. If you are up for a white Christmas, the Arctic Circle of Finland is the perfect destination for you. Follow the iconic Finnish man dressed in red and white in the reindeer-dotted rainforests and observe his elves at work. Make sure to also visit Lapland’s Santa Park, and transcend in body and soul into a whole new world where only holiday joy prevails. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Best 10 Destinations for the Best Christmas Celebrations!

Amsterdam is another impeccable location for an incredible Christmas and a memorable New Year’s. In early December, Amsterdam’s 16th and 17th-century houses light up with sparkling lights as the tale of Santa Clause (locally called Sinterklaas) echoes through the streets of the Dutch capital. 

If you stay until New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy the incredible Fireworks shows in Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt, or Rembrandtplein for an unforgettable New Year’s countdown. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

During the holiday season, the Scottish capital turns into a Christmas wonderland as the entire city centre morphs into a gigantic Christmas market which attracts thousands of visitors during the Holiday season, whether to walk around and take in all the festive vibes of the season, ride the market’s iconic huge Ferris wheel, or skate away in its ice-skating rink. If you are traveling with younger siblings or children, they will, for sure, have the time of their lives celebrating the holidays in Edinburgh’s Christmas market. 

Dublin, Ireland 

Best 10 Destinations for the Best Christmas Celebrations!

In honor of Christmas, Dublin has a 12-day Christmas Market at the Docklands with lots of Docklands, Pantomimes, Christmas lights, and seasonal cheers, providing the perfect atmosphere for a jolly holiday for 12 days straight. Kids can also have a lot of fun at the elves’ workshops. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Best 10 Destinations for the Best Christmas Celebrations!

One of Europe’s most picturesque cities, Prague offers one of the best-looking Christmas that you can ever experience. The options for Holiday entertainment vary, you can simply wander on the historic Nerudova Street in Mala Strana and get lost in the city’s Baroque and Gothic architecture, or you can enjoy an opera or a ballet performance at the State Opera or the National Theater. You can also do some shopping in the city’s Holiday markets of Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, both squares offer an incredible view of some of the best Fireworks shows you will ever see on New Year’s Eve. 

Paris, France 

Paris is a magical place all year round, however, there is a bit of extra magic that oozes out of the French beauty around the holiday season. The streets, squares, and shop fronts of lovely Paris light up with thousands of twinkling lights announcing the presence of the holiday spirit. A perfect place to wander around and breathe in the Parisian Christmas atmosphere is to go for a walk in the avenue of the sparkling trees in the festive finery with the Arc de Triomphe at one end and the iconic giant Ferris wheel at the other, just grab a holiday drink from one of the superb cafes at the Champs-Elysee and just soak in the incomparable beauty of Paris at this time of year. 

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is rich in all that is Christmas-y; chocolates, mountains, snow, cobbled streets, and bustling markets. During the holiday season, Zurich turns into a stunning fairyland where people can enjoy guided Christmas walks, singing Christmas trees, and all and all, the most special Christmas Eve of their lives. 

Bondi Beach, Australia

If you are looking to spend a unique and different holiday, then this is definitely the place to go. Christmas at Bondi Beach looks different than anywhere else in the world. Instead of fairy lights and snow-covered mountains, Christmas in Bondi Beach is all about the sand, the sun, and the waves. Bands and DJs fire up Bondi Beach during the holidays creating an uncanny atmosphere for a one-of-a-kind celebration. 

Whether you choose to spend the holidays on one of our chosen destinations or decide to go in another direction, just remember to do the best that you can to get into the holiday spirit and have a wonderful and memorable Christmas day and a happy new year.

For more ideas on how to spend this holiday season, check this link!

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