Belfast Ukulele Jam: A Unique Live Music Act in Belfast

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Belfast is a city packed with amazing live music from bars to concert venues, from modern to trad music, there’s something for everyone. Looking for something a bit different? The Belfast Ukulele Jam is a safe bet for a fun and entertaining night of live music. Read on to find out more about this fantastic group making the best ukulele music in Belfast.

What is the Belfast Ukulele Jam?

The Belfast Ukulele Jam are an informal group meeting to play Ukulele together once a week as well as for events such as family days, weddings, or even corporate events. They are a super friendly group that welcome newcomers gladly and put on a show sure to put a smile on your face. Currently they play weekly at the Deer’s Head.

Belfast and Bangor Uke Jam Performing Live

Belfast Ukulele Jam at the Deer’s Head – Wednesday at 7pm

The Deer’s Head is a brewpub owned by Bell’s Brewery meaning they make and serve beer in-house. They are eager to recreate the brewing culture of Belfast’s history and encourage more local breweries to create and sell their own beer as well as encouraging people to try local brews. On top of this they aim to provide top quality food, drink and entertainment throughout their venue including their Music Hall where you can attend live music events.

Deer's Head - venue for the Belfast Ukulele Jam
The Deer’s Head Instagram

If you are in town and looking for craft beer and great atmosphere the best time to visit this historic brew pub is Wednesday at 7pm.

In the main bar you can find a comfortable seat in a booth or round a table, enjoy a pint of local craft beer, and watch as the bar fills with the friendly faces of Belfast’s best Ukulele players. The atmosphere of the Ukulele Jam is a special one and is sure to make your night unforgettable. It is truly a unique night out in Belfast.

Location: 1-3 Lower Garfield St, Belfast BT1 1FP, just across the road from CastleCourt Shopping Centre.

Belfast ukulele jam on deers head calendar
Deer’s Head Calendar

Belfast Ukulele Festival

If you happen to enjoy the Belfast Ukulele Jam at Deer’s Head (and who could blame you) you can look out for the next Belfast Ukulele Festival. Hosting many live music sessions around the city of Belfast for you to enjoy or even join in. You can get involved through an open mic night, submit a funny song for the ‘Funny Song’ competition, or jump into a group ukulele jam session.

Check out their website to see a great entry into the Funny Song Contest, “The Wee Song

The festival also hosts exciting workshops about playing ukulele, writing your own ukulele songs, introducing other instruments, and more! Check out their website for more information about when this fun festival will return.

Is Ukulele Easy to Learn?

Have you been to the Belfast Ukulele Jam night at the Deer’s Head and thought, I could do that. Good news! The Ukulele is seen as one of the easiest instruments to learn as it has only four strings to keep track of and lots of songs can be played using a few chords. The Belfast Ukulele Jam even provide great information for those starting out including a Songbook to get you started.

They also have a great page of resources to help you on your learning journey. You don’t have to be a pro to join in on the Belfast Uke Jam. So why not give it a try.

Belfast Ukulele Jam: A Unique Live Music Act in Belfast

Ukulele Chords

If you’ve tried another string instrument, like guitar you’ll recognise the style of ukulele chord drawings. They are super simple to understand once you get the hang of it and the Belfast Ukulele Jam Songbook has all the chord drawings on the page for you!  

A lot of ukulele songs can be played with just a few chords so you can start playing music pretty quickly, another reason why the ukulele is an easy instrument to pick up.

Ukulele Songs from the Belfast Uke Jam

Here are a few of the resources provided by the Belfast Ukulele Jam to help you get started including songs new and old, and some Christmassy. Their songbook is an excellent resource and is also a smart PDF meaning you can click on the title of a song to go instantly to the right page. Super helpful for playing along.

The Belfast Ukulele Jam Songbook

The Belfast Ukulele Jam Christmas Songbook

(Might be a bit early when this article is published, but at least you can get your practice in)

Here’s an example of the fantastic songs performed by the Belfast Ukulele Jam:

Want to play along? Here is the page of their songbook:

Belfast Ukulele Jam: A Unique Live Music Act in Belfast
Screenshot taken from the Belfast Ukulele Jam Songbook

Whether you fancy joining in or not the Belfast Ukulele Jam at the Deer’s Head is a great night out experience in Belfast. Why not swing by on Wednesday at 7pm to enjoy friendly atmostphere and a truly unique music performance.

Want to know more about the venue? Check out our article on the Deer’s Head, Belfast’s First Brewpub.

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