Belfast Spring Continental Market

Belfast Spring Continental Market

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Belfast Spring Market – Food Heaven

Belfast Spring Continental Market is one of those markets held in the city during Spring which calls for local and tourists to check out all the amazing things it has to offer.

This year, the market opened on the 24th of May and ran until the 28th of May. Bringing a delicious mix of gourmet and treats to the people of Belfast from all over. The different things offered include bakery delights from France, sausages from Germany and Dutch pancakes. As well as lots of other different things coming from all over the world. The Belfast Spring Market is a great place to try something new.

Additionally, A lot of people visit this market in Belfast, to try some of the local products that are available here. Its the perfect destination during springtime for people to go and do some shopping related to local and international food and products. We came back home with some great things as well šŸ™‚

The Best of Local and International Products

This years market was held in the city hall area of Belfast City during the Bank Holiday weekend, and that was pretty good for people as it was easy to find. The top local stalls that were found there were Rossi’s Ice Cream, Papa’s Mineral Company, McAtamney Butchers, Tom and Ollie. These, of course, came in addition to other ones with a range of products on offer.

The number of products that one could actually choose from in the Belfast Spring Continental Market are numerous and it might be a heavenly place for all those who are crazy about food and love to taste a variety of traditional food from lots of great countries.

Other Popular Markets

There are also many different markets that you could consider visiting when in Belfast or even in Northern Ireland. Though that will depend on the time of year you are visiting as most markets are seasonal. However, we do recommend visiting St. George’s Market in Belfast. It’s a 19th-century market, full of great stalls that areĀ worth checking out.Ā  Another popular market is the Belfast Christmas Market which of courseĀ is held on the run-up to Christmas. Usually opens at the end of November and finishes before Christmas. It brings Belfast into the festival season with a Santa’s Grotto, a beer garden and lots of craft and food to enjoy.

Likewise, some other food-related festivals that might grab your interest is the Belfast Food Festival, and Tesco Food Festival held in Belfast.

Back to The Belfast Spring Continental Market which is held every single year and has only grown and became more popular as time has gone on. As it’s a great chance to try some of the best international food in Northern Ireland.

Have you ever been to any of the different food festivals in Belfast? We would love to hear about your experiences:) Check out some photos below of Belfast Spring Continental Market.

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