Open Farm Day, Armagh & Cider Farm, Lond Meadow Cider, Portadown – Recently, the idea of letting the people get inside the farms and see how the animals are treated and how some of the products are produced, has gone viral and we love the idea of taking the kids to such places which we might refer to as nature.

The Armagh Apple and Cider Farm in Portadown – a town in county Armagh that sits on the River Bann, in the north of the county – is the place where we were able to get almost all the products that could be created from apples, along with other additional things like ice cream – and where we were even taken through a tour telling us about apples and their importance and benefits – we even learned new things about apples along with the kids.

Open Farm Day - Armagh Apple & Cider Farm, Portadown - Long Meadow Cider - Northern Ireland Farm
Open Farm Day - Armagh Apple & Cider Farm, Portadown - Long Meadow Cider - Northern Ireland Farm

Through this tour we had in the Armagh Apple and Cider Farm we were able to get introduced to different types of apples and those different products which one could produce while using them - or which are already sold out (and you probably always buy). There were alcoholic drinks and there were also some juices to taste, and buy if you liked, which we tried and were happy with.The good part about this farm is that there are other things done inside it as well, such as seeing that man doing crafts out of wood, going through a journey through the apple trees with hearing a lesson in apple farming - was interesting enough to know more about apples and the farms they are grown in and the way they should be grown as well.Okay, just beside the drinks that were done from apple, apple cider, and other things, there were some food for hungry people as well, like hot dogs, pulled pork, and burgers, etc. - of course we were from those who decided to try any of them, we went for burgers.


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