21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime


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The land of maple syrup is actually the second largest country in the whole world. It’s also best known for its beautiful cosmopolitan cities. Little do people know that Canada is also home to stunning landscapes, lush forests, and mountainous areas. 

There is so much more to this beautiful country that exists within its borders and away from the bustling cities. It is laden with cities rich in culture and embraces a reasonable amount of natural wonders.

Ice hockey is the most Canadian thing that people related to, yet very few know that it’s home to beautiful glaciers. Canada is deemed among the eight countries which lands fall within the Arctic Circle. No matter what you are up to, we can promise that you’ll find it in Canada. 

Looking for adventurous hiking through rocky mountains? Got you. Want to observe some rare natural phenomena? We got you. Eager to learn about the Canadian history? We still got you. Bear with us to discover the perfect spots you can visit in Canada.

1. Explore the Wildlife in Churchill

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

You may have seen several polar bears on TV, but wouldn’t you like to directly encounter one? It’s not like you can see a stray polar bear everyday, so this is going to be an experience you’ll never forget. 

People perceive Churchill as the capital of polar bears; it’s a secluded town that you can find in Manitoba province. Although it is a little remote and isolated from bustling areas, it has its own splendor.

Polar bear safaris take place while you are on board of a sturdy vehicles prepared for the bears’ unexpected punches. It enables you to have a close-up interaction while being behind the glass for protection. While those bears are the most prevalent in the area, you can still spot other forms of wildlife, including snowy owls.

2. Launch Yourself Over Ottawa

If you are one to chase to adventure, you can’t take off before floating over the lands of Ottawa city. This city offers the most popular bungee jumping site and the highest in all over Canada as well. The Rock is what this site goes by, offering a memory that you can smile upon remembering for years to come.

Not only will you have your adrenaline superbly pumped, you will also enjoy the scenic landscapes. Upon throwing yourself, you will deeply gaze into the gleaming turquoise lake before diving down and closer to it.

3. Don’t Miss the Niagara Falls

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

One of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions lies in the dazzling terrains of Canada. This reward goes to the stunning Niagara Falls that managed to attract visitors from all over the world. And, it still does.

Once you visit the renowned falls, you will start to see why it has gained this exceptional reputation. Niagara Falls stands out like a black-inked dot on a white canvas. Many tours are made operated to allow visitors to witness the highlights of the region around the falls. There is also this famous Maid of the Mist boat ride that you wouldn’t want to miss.

4. Visit the Bay of Fundy

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Are you up to observing the largest tides variation in the whole world? The Bay of Fundy should be your next destination. This beautiful site is located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Eastern Canada. 

Visitors tend to visit this bay to delve into exceptional beauty. The amazing tides are too exceptional to miss since you won’t see such a rapid variation in any other place. Moreover, there are many sights and locations that you can visit that sit along the Bay of the Fundy.

These locations include the Fundy Trail Parkway, Hopewell Cape, and Grand Manan Island. Other activities that you can engage in include kayaking around the islands. There are also sea caves that you can explore at low tides for a pinch of a thrill.

5. Observe the Rocks of the Hopewell Cape

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

The strong tides of the Bay of Fundy have done much more than stunning its beholders. Its sudden surges have resulted in the formation of several natural phenomena, including the Hopewell Rocks. This may also explain the fact that Canada is home to plentiful rocks.

The Hopewell Rocks are a result of constant tidal erosion that led to several rock formations that stand tall. These formations appear to the visitors as giant flower pots especially that trees cover the rocks from the top. Kayaking around the island is available to allow people to observe as many pretty rock formations as possible. 

Do you know where the real catch is? The unstoppable tides cause these rocks to change shape over time. Many visitors take pictures and make sure to return and year later or so to compare the new shapes with their old ones. 

6. Watch the Northern Lights

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Aurora Borealis, another name to the Northern Lights, seem to be a real thing that enlighten the sky. You can see those dazzling sky lights from any point in countries that fall within the Arctic Circle. Definitely, Canada is no exception.

This matchless phenomenon takes place when some sun particles invade the atmosphere of the planet, resulting in a high energy. The latter is translated into what we see as a beautiful aurora dancing in green and blue lights.

It is really hard to expect the timing or trace the occasional appearance of those lights. However, the chances are better when the sky is darker during the winter months. Also, they take place where they are a little far away from the cities. Some provinces where there are better chances to observe the aurora are Yukon, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

7. Trek in the Canadian Rockies

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Canada is famous for its splendid mountain ranges. One that attract the most visitors is the Canadian Rockies. Interestingly, it’s a quite long range that spans Alberta and British Columbia. It is the perfect spot for you to take a long arduous walk. 

The Canadian Rockies is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fact marks its outstanding significance as a nature reserve. Also, hiking and climbing are activities that take place in the Rockies. It serves as a perfect spot for tourists who love to stay on their feet while observe unique sightings. 

8. Go Canadian Canoeing Across the Country

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

One of the popular activities that tourists take up while in Canada is canoeing. The country is famous for its countless number of rivers and lakes on which you can float. Such a quick trip takes you to many Canadian attractions in a short period of time. 

Depending on the city from which you’ll start your canoeing experience, there are many routes to take. The Northwest Territories gain the most attention for possessing plentiful wonders to explore.  It takes you through thr rugged Barrenlands and the Nahanni Canyon. Opt for the South Nahanni River where you will be taken through panoramic views that to fill your vision. 

9. Watch the Humpback Whales

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Many places offer a wide array of marine animals that you can enjoy watching, yet whales are not as abundant. Seize the opportunity of being in Canada, and go for a thrilling whale watching experience.

There’s a dozen of whale species that you can see, including the blue whale and the occasional sperm. They come around more during the summer, and halfway through the season, the North Atlantic right whales get into the picture. The latter are a very species that only come around occasionally, thus their sightings can be a little rare.

The Bay of Fundy is a spot that attracts visitors for so many reasons, and whale watching is no exception. Besides the whales, you will also come in contact with other marine animals, including seals, dolphins, and seabirds. 

10. Visit St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

It usually goes by St. Andrews instead of the long version of the name. This site has always served as a vacation retreat for different family members. It also sits to close to the Canadian borders with the United States that you can witness the Main shore. 

It hosts a wide array of flora and vegetations that please the eyes. Also, there area has several galleries, shopping stores, and restaurants that you can enjoy. If your children happen to be in your company, they will be happy exploring the Kingsbrae garden. It imitates the blockhouse from the War of 1812. 

Whale watching is also an activity that you can take on at St. Andrews. There is also the Huntsman Marine Science Center where you learn a lot about the area and the marine life it embraces. Aquarium and other interactive exhibits are offered for you and the kids to enjoy. You can also take on the backstage tour where you get to feed rare sea animals.

11. Appreciate the Cypress Hills

Alberta is one of the amazingly stunning Canadian cities that houses many attractions for tourists. It is also home to the Cypress Hills which happen to sit on the borders of both Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Cypress Hills is a real paradise to nature lovers. You get to see a wide range of different greenery types. It is also a region where lush forests mix with splendid wetlands and grassland. Besides the panoramic views of the hills, amazing lakes also happen to course through the hills.

You can also enjoy the plant life this place offers as well as the diversity of animals living there. Cypress is also home to several operating ranches that offer horseback rides. While not so many activities are presented on the site, it still fulfill a reasonable number of interests for many tourists.

12. Go Skiing in the Whistler

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Are you visiting Canada during the freezing months of winter? Then, you should definitely make use of the snowy sports since it’s the largest ski resort in North America. Whistler is a popular destination in Canada that make for perfect winter holidays.

It is where you can engage in adventurous sports across the snowy land. Skiing is the most popular activity that tourists love taking on in the Whistler. However, it also offers other sports, including tobogganing and snowshoeing.

It’s a few hours away from the Vancouver International Airport. That makes it easy for many tourists to reach the Whistler, thanks to the cabs you can take from the airport. Besides the energy-inducing sports, there are also cultural center and art museums that you can visit.

13. Explore the Country’s French Side in Québec City

Interestingly, you can have a French experience while you are miles and oceans away from Europe. On the Saint Lawrence River sits the beautiful city of Québec. It’s one of the Canadian provinces with the French-speaking majority. Also, this is where you can explore the French influence on Canada.

The enchanting Québec city offers all things French that set a romantic mood suitable for lovebirds. It is also home to several historic attractions, with the Citadel being the most prominent among them. You can also take your time walking along the Terrasse Dufferin and enjoying the splendid landscapes.

14. Unravel the Glamour of Old Montreal

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Montreal is one of the Canadian cities that you should pay a visit, given the endless attractions it offers. On top of that, the ancient neighborhood of Old Montreal that dates back to the 17th century. You’ll feel the breeze of a past era hanging in the air while exploring its narrow yet charming cobblestone streets.

Old Montreal is home to several old shops and cafes that you can spend some time in. It is also home to several spirited plazas, including the Underground City. If you are into a historic tour, you will be interested in the landmarks found in this city. Montreal is home to the renowned Gothic-styled Notre-Dame Basilica. It also houses the Pointe-à-Callière museum.

Interestingly, Canada houses many clock towers. The Montreal Clock Tower sits in the Old Port of Montreal. It is one of the prominent tourist attractions, given the panoramic views it offers from atop. The Old Port of Montreal also houses Montreal Science Center. It’s a family-friendly museum that offers several exhibitions and educational programs.

15. Lose Yourself in Lake Louise

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Lake Louise is one of the prettiest destinations in Canada that would be a shame to miss it out. You can find it proudly coursing through the Banff National Park in Alberta. Also, you can reach it from the Calgary International Airport, for it’s only two hours away.

This turquoise lake provides its visitors with several activities that occur during different seasons throughout the year. So, no matter when you pay Canada a visit, there is always something to enjoy at Lake Louise.

The Great White North is famous for being a vast platform for winter sports and the largest ski resort. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are among the winter activities that you can keep yourself warm with. On the other hand, you can spend your summer by kayaking and fishing in the beautiful waters of the lake.

The lake is embellished by a breathtaking background that seems straight out of a fairytale book. In the backdrop sits the glamorous Victoria Glacier that you can’t help but admire. You will also fall in love with the eye-pleasing mountain ranges that span along the lake. For even a more enthralling stay, make sure you explore the village of Lake Louise or attend the Ice Magic Festival.

16. Walk through the Clouds on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk

To all the adventure junkies out there, buckle up for we’re guiding you to an experience of a lifetime. There’s no better place other than Canada that offers a glorious skywalk where you can have splendid views from atop.

The Columbia Icefield Skywalk is found in Jasper. You will need to head to Columbia Icefield Discovery Center to book your spot. They offer free shuttle services that take you up there where you have a guide to escort you.

Getting to the exciting part, the renowned skywalk is 280 meters high, sitting above  the Sunwapta Canyon. It stretches for a several meters ahead, allowing you to enjoy the marvelous landscapes of unspoiled nature.

17. Live on the Edge at the CN Tower

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

The Columbia Icefield Skywalk offers splendid panoramas from up there, but it can’t beat the euphoria the CN Tower gives. The latter is one of the most important attractions in Canada, being classified among the modern world’s Seven Wonders.

The iconic landmark is found in Toronto, Ontario, standing at a height of 1,815 feet. You will start feeling your adrenaline strongly pumping upon setting a foot into the elevator. From up there, you can deeply gaze into the faraway lands and admire the views. The LED Night Lighting is an interesting feat that illuminates the dark skies of Toronto. 

The floors and ceiling of the building are all made of glass. It keeps the visitors in a constant state of excitement. Walking on the glassy floors can be really intimidating. However, it doesn’t compare to the even more spine-chilling activities that daring guests like to experience.

The Edgewalk experience is not for the faint-hearted.  You get clipped in by a hanging string where you can walk hands-free, enjoying the splendid views. Well, you may find yourself holding your breath, but you’ll walk away with tons of photos to brag about. Don’t miss the restaurant that offers a 360-degree view of the city for a nonchalant energy fix.

18. Rejuvenate at the Scandinavian Spas

Canada is the world’s largest ski resort, but it doesn’t mean you should spend your vacation just sloping over ice. There are other activities where you can just chill and enjoy your time. Seemingly, Canada shares a lot of features with prominent European countries. It’s taken advantage of falling into the Arctic Circle and has jumped on the spa-culture bandwagon of Norway and Iceland.

Many Nordic and Scandinavian spas are scattered over different places across the country. They offer relaxing massages to soothe your sore muscles after a thrilling ski adventure. Also, they offer pools with different water temperatures, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Thermal baths are available to reap the health and skin benefits from the minerals found in those waters. On the other hand, there are chilling cold pools for you to plunge into if you need to improve your circulation. Scandinavian spas are everywhere to be found in Canada. However, the Scandinave Spa Whistler stands out among most of them.

19. Explore the Stanley Park

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

French cities in Canada have their own charm, and Vancouver is no exception. Vancouver is home to one of the most renowned parks in Canada, the Stanley Park. This beautiful public park stretches over vast terrains in British Columbia. 

The English Bay and Burrad Inlet waters surround the park from different corners, adding more glamour to its scenic views. This urban landscape features a natural rainforest and encompasses a wide array of rare flora and plant life. The trees have those fancy shades of red and orange colors. There are also red cedar and Douglas fir trees that will leave you in awe. 

Besides walking through the majestic colorful trees, there are more activities to engage in to enjoy your stay in the park. If you are up to a quick energy pump, take up biking or rollerblading. There are trails available specifically for those activities. You can also take a ride in the Miniature Train.

20. Rise to Mount Logan

Would you like to get to the highest point of Canada? Mount Logan’s peak beat every other mountain in sight when it comes to tremendous heights. It is also comes in the second place as the highest peak in North America right after Denali. 

Situated in the province of Yukon, Mount Logan is the best spot where you can revel in some fascinating landscapes. Nothing can beat the panoramic views you take pleasure in from up there. Trekking is a popular activity; fitness gurus enjoy hiking up to the summit.

Here is a quick information for your knowledge. The mountain’s name comes from the founder of the Geological Survey of Canada and the geologist, Sir William Edmond Logan.

21. Go for a Wine Tasting Tour in Osoyoos

21 Activities in Canada to Take Up for An Experience of A Lifetime

Osoyoos is a beautiful town that restfully sits in British Columbia, stretching over the Okanagan Valley. It is one of the warmest spots in Canada where you can chill and enjoy your time. When in Osoyoos, you get to choose whether to explore the tourist attractions in a vehicle or do it on your feet.

This town is popular for its majestic sightseeings and solemn landscapes. It is also surrounded by vast deserts as well as mountains. The town is known for its major wine-producing industry. It allows the visitors to go for a tour where you taste different kinds of wine. 

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