We had a walk around Clones – checking out the Diamond, Round Tower, Fermanagh Street, Clones Abbey, The Butteryard beside the Creighton Hotel. Enjoying the history that is in every corner of the city…Clones is known to be a small town that is located in western county Monaghan in Ireland.

This place also shares a border with county Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and this has been considered a reason for the economic status and problems that it went through since 1921 because the creation of the Irish border banned its access to a large part of its economic hinterland for many years.

Clones, County Monaghan - A Walk Around Clones on a Winter Day - Checking Some History Here!
Clones, County Monaghan - A Walk Around Clones on a Winter Day - Checking Some History Here!

believe that Clones is a historic place since history fills it in every single corner one will get the chance to move across, although when it comes to the landmarks which one could visit, they might end up not being much and the rest will be about walking through the old streets and enjoying the old buildings, which was also part of the trip we have been on.Through the tour that we have made in Clones, county Monaghan, we visited the Round Tower which is considered one of the most famous landmarks there. The Round Tower was built from sandstone and is believed to date back to the 10th century, which we are not totally sure of. This tower stood at almost 23 meters height including the conical cap which is missing at this point. The Round Tower has four storeys including the bell storey with a single window on each one of them except for the bell storey which had the usual four windows; one on each cardinal point on the compass. Just beside the tower, you will find some graves that let people sometimes refer to the place as the Clones Round Tower graveyard.In addition to the Round Tower, we have also been to the Celtic Cross; the Celtic Cross which is standing on the Diamond also dates back to the 10th century and is made from sandstone as well. This cross is considered a combination of two separate crosses that mix the head of one and the shaft of another, and it reaches a height of 4.57 meters. The Celtic Cross in Clones is one of the famous attractions in the place for the history it carries since it is believed to be among the remains of a monastery founded in Clones by St. Tighernach in the sixth century. The faces of the shaft are not plain or free but they carry different pictures that are related to the biblical scenes, making it more interesting for those seeing it for the first time to come closer and inspect it all by themselves.


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