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Top 5 Things to Do in Milan – Things to Do, Things Not to Do, And Activities

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” once said Samuel Johnson. However, I would like...

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Duomo Cathedral Square, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Da Vinci Tourism: must-sees in Milan

The second largest city in Italy, Milan is located in the Northern part of the country and served as the...

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city breaks in italy

Three of the Best City Breaks in Italy

It is no surprise that Italy features the most impressive city breaks in Europe. It is one of the most...

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Italian Flag

How The Great Italian Flag was Born

The Italian flag has always been one of the most beautiful flags in the world, with its three distinguished colours....

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cheap things to do in london

Travel On a Budget: Top Cheap Things To Do In London

Everyone has probably heard that London is not exactly a cheap city to visit or stay in; accommodation, food, and transport cost...

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Italian Lake

Italian Lakes Holidays: 4 Gorgeous Lakes Not to Be Missed

No one visits the Italian lakes and not fall in love with them. They are prominent natural wonders and one...

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Ferrari World

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi: The Largest Indoor Amusement Park in the World

The cities in the United Arab Emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are distinguished by the presence of everything...

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Ancient Rome: A History of the Greatest Civilisation

The Roman Empire was one of the most influential civilisations in the world. The ideas and culture of ancient Rome...

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Italian Travel Statistics

Interesting Italian Travel Statistics: Everyone Should Know Before Flying to Italy

Italian Travel statistics are filled with interesting facts because it’s time to know everything about this awe-inspiring country.  Travel to...

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Guide to Sardinia

Your Ultimate Guide to Sardinia: Travelling, Destinations, Beaches, and Food!

Sardinia is an Italian jewel in the Mediterranean Sea. In terms of size, it is the second largest island in...

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Visit Rome

Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy

The uniqueness of the Italian city of Rome lies in its richness of ancient history and embracing unprecedented beauty. If...

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bob geldof

Top 9 Interesting Facts about Bob Geldof

Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof (aka Bob Geldof) is an Irish musician, actor, and campaigner. He first gained notoriety in the...

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The Rusty Oven, Dunfanaghy: The Best Sourdough Pizza in Ireland since 2013

The pizza at The Rusty Oven is truly delicious, made of great fresh ingredients, never over greasy, and made with love. People return time and time again to this small Irish town for this great pizza. In my opinion, its the best pizza in Ireland, but you'll have to try it for yourself and see. The amazing food and unique atmostphere are well worth the trip.

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Maldives - Holiday Travel Statistics

Where to Go this year? Holiday Travel Statistics Will Tell You

When planning to spend a great vacation with our beloved ones, many considerations pop into our minds— budget, booking hotels,...

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Burano, Italy

Burano: The Vivid Italian Island You Should Never Miss Visiting When in Venice

Explore the Venician Island of Burano One can never get enough of Italy. That pretty much is true as the...

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Notre Dame de Paris facade in the 4th arrondissement

Paris: Wonders of the 4th Arrondissement

Before diving into the various things you can see and do at the 4th Arrondissement in Paris, it’s necessary to...

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Brescia Cathedral - Duomo Nuovo in Brescia - Lombardy

Lombardy, Ultimate Guide to Enjoying this Soul-Filling Region

The region of Lombardy in the northwest of Italy, is one of the most populated, richest and most productive regions...

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Where to Go This Holiday Season for Great Vacation- Places, Attractions

Waiting for the perfect time is just like waiting for an eternity. If you dream of spending a fantastic vacation...

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View of the Open Air Museum with the Banya Bashi Mosque in the background in Serdica/ Sofia, Bulgaria

Ancient Serdica (Best Things to See and Best 5 Vegetarian Restaurants)

Serdica is the old name of the city of Sofia; the capital of Bulgaria. The name originated from the Thracian...

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7 Things to do in Genoa, Italy: Explore Awe-Inspiring Architecture, Museums, and Cuisine

My friend told me last month that she was planning a vacation to Italy. I praised her for making the...

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Things to do in Florence, Italy

Best Things to Do in Florence, The Cradle of The Renaissance

Known as the Athens of the Middle Ages, the cradle of the Renaissance, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and...

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Panoramic view of the old town in Bari at sunset

Bari, Have fun on the Other Side of the Adriatic

If I told you that you can have a great time on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in a...

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Top 7 Things to do in Nice, France – Top Places, Free Activities

Congratulations! You’re about to arrive in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, where you’ll spend the next few days relaxing. ...

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Italian Superstitions Around 7 Remarkable Landmarks

Many people from different places around the world are no strangers to Italian superstitions. In fact, Italians happen to be...

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naples landscape

10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy – Places, Activities, Important Advice

The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.” If you visited Naples, you would already see all aspects of life;...

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Poveglia Island up close in Italy

The 30 Most Popular Haunted Places in Italy

A lot of countries believe in different superstitions, but Italy is known to be one of the most superstitious countries...

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Italy for art lovers Naples

Top Locations to Visit in Italy for Art Lovers

Throughout its history, Italy led the world in art and architecture. From Da Vinci to Michelangelo, Donatello, Bellini, and more,...

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Things to do in Naples

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy; it is the third city in population after Rome and...

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a shot of the medieval square in Siena

What to do in Beautiful Siena, Italy

A beautiful city in the region of Tuscany, Siena is only 48 km south of Florence. Siena, like other cities...

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a shot of lake garda and its terrain.

Top Things to Do at Lake Garda

One of the most well-known attractions in Italy, Lake Garda is the largest lake in the country at 370 square...

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