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UK Travel Statistics

UK Travel Statistics: Why is Great Britain Always Great?

There’s always a great reason to visit the United Kingdom. Whether it’s the world-famous attractions, the stunning scenery or just...

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Chetham’s Library: Britain’s Oldest Free Public Reference Library

Chetham’s Library, in the heart of Manchester’s Medieval Quarter, is the oldest free public reference library in the United Kingdom....

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Libraries in the World

Step Into 10 of the Best Libraries in the World and Freeze Time

Walter Savage Landor was right when he said: “Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.” For bibliophiles and book lovers,...

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Castles in England

13 Remarkable Castles in England

Following the Norman Conquest in 1066, the construction of castles in England began. They served as a deterrent and a representation of...

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Burj Al-Arab

Burj Al-Arab: An Astonishing Building in Dubai

Burj Al-Arab is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and is a sail-shaped hotel built on an artificial...

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22 Spectacular Things to do in Leeds, England

Leeds is a well-known city in North Britain, west of Yorkshire, on the banks of the river Ayre, and surrounded...

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London Landmark

40 London Landmarks You Need to Experience in Your Lifetime 

Our planet is quite blessed when it comes to exciting destinations and exhilarating experiences. Atop the list of the Earth’s...

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Ha'atafu Beach, Tonga

Tonga – 12 Noteworthy Facts From History to Nightlife

Tonga, often known as the Friendly Islands, is a nation in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Its formal name is the Kingdom...

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Best Places to stay in Glasgow

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Glasgow: Your Ultimate Guide to AWESOME Scotland Hotels 

Find the best places to stay in Glasgow from bloggers’ advice to plan your visit to Glasgow, Scotland. This city...

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Department Stores in London

Our Full Guide to the Best Department Stores in London

Whenever you’re planning a trip, one piece of advice is stable; pinpoint local shops and department stores near your accommodation....

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Edinburgh: 9 Spots Revealing The Secrets Behind Europe’s Most Haunted City

History seeps through the walls of Edinburgh at every corner. Auld Reekie, as it is known affectionately by many locals,...

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Day Trip to Ireland from London

Unforgettable Day Trip to Ireland from London: What You Can do

Are you ready to experience the wonders of Ireland? Taking a day trip to Ireland from London can be one...

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Birmingham: 16 Interesting Things to do and See

Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom after the capital London between the capital and the city...

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Lake District

Discover the Lake District in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is full of attractions, including castles, historical buildings, and incredible natural landscapes like parks and lakes. Today,...

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castles in scotland

Your Ultimate Guide to Famous Castles in Scotland

Castles are one of the prominent features of Scotland. Wherever you stay in Scotland, you will spot different fortresses with different...

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Haunted Places in Australia

9 Most Frightening and Haunted Places in Australia

Numerous haunted places in Australia are surrounded by mystery and steeped in tragic history. Whether you are a ghost hunter hoping to...

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All You Need to Know About Leicester, United Kingdom

On the edge of Britain’s famous National Forest lies Leicester City, located in the county of Leicestershire, the tenth largest...

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Birmingham City

Fun Things To Do in Birmingham: Over 20 Great Attractions & Locations To Visit

Birmingham is the second city of the UK, once called the city of 1000 trades. Even now there are so many fun things to do in Birmingham. Whether you are looking for fun with all the family, a great hen or stag do, or a romantic date night there are things to do in Birmingham for you.  Read on to find out what fun things to do in Birmingham you should try next!

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castles in wales

Top 10 Fairytale Castles in Wales For Your Next Visit

Wales is the United Kingdom’s second-smallest country after Northern Ireland, but despite its small size, it has a lot to offer...

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beltane festival

Beltane: The Spiritual Significance Behind the Bewitching Fire Festival

Beltane Festival

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How to Spend Unforgettable Time in Manchester, England

Manchester is a British city located in the northwestern part of England, and it is one of the major cities...

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Best 10 Diverse English Landmarks

There are various unique English landmarks to explore, from bustling cities to serene lakes and locations of outstanding natural beauty....

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Faroe Islands

Best 12 Things to do on the Faroe Islands: A Beautiful Vacation Destination

The Faroe Islands are between Norway and Iceland and have been part of Denmark since 1948. They are 18 islands...

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haunted castles in England

Haunted Castles in England You Should Visit at Least Once!

Are there haunted castles in England? Are the rumours true?! Let’s remember our favourite fairy tales; we’ve all read the stories...

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castles in the uk

Discover the Most Glorious Castles in the UK

Where would you find the most glorious castles in the world? We bet you thought about the UK; well, who...

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8 of the Oldest Civilisations in the World

8 of the Oldest Civilisations in the World

What are the oldest civilisations on record? Throughout the millennia, numerous civilisations have risen and fallen. Throughout time, humans started...

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Abandoned Castles in Scotland

Experience the History Behind these Abandoned Castles in Scotland

Abandoned castles are not just beautiful works of architecture that are worth admiring. They tell history, the stories of the...

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Top Welsh Movies

6 Top Welsh Movies

Welcome to our list of the top 6 Welsh movies. We’re so excited to share our favourite movies with you, and we...

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4 Best British Movies

In this article, we tackle the four best British movies. These British movies are pretty good and have a lot...

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Celtic Deities: An Intriguing Dive in Irish and Celtic Mythology

Researchers studied various sources to gather information about different Celtic deities, such as engravings, history books, statutes, ancient temples and...

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