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medusa greek myth

Medusa Greek Myth: the Story of the Snake-Haired Gorgon

Medusa is one of the most notable figures in Greek mythology. While most people know Medusa as a terrifying monster,...

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USA Travel Statistics

USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go

Run away from the heat or snow, based on your current location, and come to one of these beautiful USA...

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Gondola Lift to Mount Musala Peak, Bulgaria

Mount Musala Peak | Balkans Peninsula | Rila Mountain | Travel to Bulgaria

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria, Balkans Peninsula is a paradise for everyone who wants to explore...

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Tsarska Bistritsa

Beautiful Tsarska Bistritsa and Mount Musala Peak (Best 5 Tips)

What connects Tsarska Bistritsa and the Mount Musala Peak? Well, have you ever thought of spending your vacation on a...

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16 Top Things To Do In Finland: The Land Of A Thousand Lakes & Some More!

High up in the north of Europe hides a blue labyrinth of sparkling lakes, islands, and lush forests, AKA Finland....

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Birmingham City

Fun Things To Do in Birmingham: Over 20 Great Attractions & Locations To Visit

Birmingham is the second city of the UK, once called the city of 1000 trades. Even now there are so many fun things to do in Birmingham. Whether you are looking for fun with all the family, a great hen or stag do, or a romantic date night there are things to do in Birmingham for you.  Read on to find out what fun things to do in Birmingham you should try next!

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beltane festival

Beltane: The Spiritual Significance Behind the Bewitching Fire Festival

Beltane Festival

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tropical island

Most Beautiful Tropical Islands in the World

When one thinks about a tropical place, palm trees, azure water, and drinking from coconuts on a sandy beach are probably...

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Irish games

Bring Back Memories – 13 Most Exciting Traditional Irish Games

Many traditional Irish games rule the roost. The Irish love to play sports known as Gaelic games. Ireland is Europe’s...

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Best 10 Diverse English Landmarks

There are various unique English landmarks to explore, from bustling cities to serene lakes and locations of outstanding natural beauty....

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Your Guide to Explore Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered to the southeast by Afghanistan, the south and southwest by Iran, the...

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Italian Flag

How The Great Italian Flag was Born

The Italian flag has always been one of the most beautiful flags in the world, with its three distinguished colours....

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee in the North Laines, Brighton: 7 Amazing Coffee Spots To Check Out 

Brighton is a seaside town in the south of England and home to bustling streets, independent shops, nightlife, pier attractions, and more than a few seagulls. While visiting Brighton you will want to check out the best coffee in the North Laines and this guide will help you do that.

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cheap things to do in london

Travel On a Budget: Top Cheap Things To Do In London

Everyone has probably heard that London is not exactly a cheap city to visit or stay in; accommodation, food, and transport cost...

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12 Things to Do for a Spectacular Vacation in Fiji

The island of Fiji is a republic located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 2,000 km northeast of New Zealand and...

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emily in paris

Emily in Paris: Plot, film location, cast and more 

Emily in Paris has quickly climbed up the rankings on Netflix, with its most recent season accumulating over 117 million...

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Scotland Landscape

Explore The Scottish Nature: Top 10 Scotland Parks To Visit

Scotland is the land of great bagpipes, exquisite whisky, amusing music culture, and most of all, an unimaginable beauty. When...

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Beehive Hut Dingle

5 Best Things to Do in Dingle, Kerry

If you find yourself in Kerry a trip to Dingle should definitely be on the cards. Our article will tell...

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Mount Elbrus-the biggest mountain in Europe

The Biggest Mountain In Europe and Where To Find it

Our planet has been gifted with so many great natural treasures, one of which is the breathtaking mountains scattered across...

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Italian Lake

Italian Lakes Holidays: 4 Gorgeous Lakes Not to Be Missed

No one visits the Italian lakes and not fall in love with them. They are prominent natural wonders and one...

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7 Incredible Bogs From Around the World

Bogs are some of the most vital ecosystems on the planet. These aquatic wonderlands are home to various flora and...

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About Hawaii: Everything You Need to Know About The Tropical Paradise

Most individuals frequently place Hawaii at the top of their “bucket lists.” Every year, about 9 million tourists travel to...

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Holy Places in the Republic of Ireland

Ireland has been a religious island since the dawn of time, and its religiousness shows in the varied holy places...

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Castles in South England

Discover the Finest Castles in South East England

What are the must-visit castles in South East England? In a country full of royal buildings like England, it is...

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8 of the Oldest Civilisations in the World

8 of the Oldest Civilisations in the World

What are the oldest civilisations on record? Throughout the millennia, numerous civilisations have risen and fallen. Throughout time, humans started...

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Your Full Guide to Visit 20 Places in Turkey

Turkey is located between the continent of Asia and Europe, its location is considered strategic, and it is bordered by...

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london gardens and parks

Get Lost in Nature: Most Beautiful London Gardens and Parks

The foggy capital of England has more than just architectural monuments and lush buildings. The city has a big green heart—the...

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Ferrari World

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi: The Largest Indoor Amusement Park in the World

The cities in the United Arab Emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are distinguished by the presence of everything...

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Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park: Your Ultimate Guide to the Underrated, Surreal State Park

Goblin Valley State Park is a unique location along the San Rafael Reef, south of Interstate 70. Known as one...

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40 Things to do for a Perfect Vacation in Vietnam 

Vietnam is in the continent of Asia, specifically in southeast of the continent of Asia. It is close to the...

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