7 European Halloween Destinations for an Unforgettable Holiday


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While Halloween should be an intimidating time of the year, people manage to have fun on this holiday. It’s a great time to put on your favorite costume, carve pumpkins, and listen to exceptional ghosts stories.

The United States takes this holiday celebration very seriously. That’s why many people believe it to be an American holiday. In fact, it originated in Europe, especially in the Celtic cultures, and it is still celebrated around different European cities. 


Europe also happens to be home to many centuries-old castles and buildings, offering the best Halloween vibes. So, it sounds like a great idea to seize this opportunity and be somewhere in Europe on October 31st. We’ve gathered for you the best European cities to consider flying to for a sterling Halloween experience.

1- Romania

Out of all the European cities, what could present an ideal Halloween destination other than Romania? It is home to several castles and citadels that date back to many centuries with endless superstitions about ghosts possessions.

Transylvania should be on top of your cities’ list if Romania is your next destination. It’s the region in which the world-famous legend of Dracula was born. It is also home to the enchanting Bran Castle, a spooky destination where you observe a bygone era. And still, it remains one of the most popular Halloween icons to this day and makes for a perfect costume.

Sighisoara is another city that you shouldn’t miss while in Romania. Did you know that it was home to Count Dracula, according to legends? Also, every year, the medieval citadel of Sighisoara throws a Halloween party featuring the spookiest characters in history. The party takes place in the dungeon; you should definitely participate and have the utmost fun.

2- Ireland

Ireland is one of the countries from which the Celtic culture stemmed. Moreover, the Celtics were the very first ever to celebrate Samhain, the original holiday from which Halloween came to life. Thus, Ireland should be your number one destination if you are looking for the roots of this exceptional holiday.

The Irish seem to have extravagant ways of celebrating Halloween. Throughout the whole country, huge parades and festivals take place on this special day. However, the capital city, Dublin, is where most of the fun takes place. You’ll come across multiple carnivals while strolling the streets of Dublin.

On the other hand, Derry County is where Europe’s largest Halloween festival takes place. It has this irresistibly energetic ambiance, hosting several international festivals. You may consider taking part in this unique festival. Watch the city’s distinctive ways of celebration that seem as if they’re awakening the dead.

3- Scotland

Just like Ireland, Scotland is one of the few countries that embrace the Celtic culture and traditions. It echoes the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and still celebrates it in our modern world.

Edinburgh bears a remarkable resemblance to the Irish city Dublin when it comes to Halloween celebrations. It gives its visitors a warm welcome right before it throws at them spooky yet unforgettable Halloween vibes. Besides, there are always celebrations for this special day around different Scottish cities.

There are several activities to do in Scotland for a real Halloween vibe. One of the spookiest adventures to embark on is walking through the cemeteries. There is also an old part of Edinburgh city that lies underground. They say it is a haunted spot; however, you are free to explore this part if you have a daring soul.

4- England

England is famous for its dark alleys, ancient castles, and shivering breeze on its streets. A past full of blood and murders fills the pages of England’s history as well. All of these characteristics combined make for a perfect Halloween destination. 

London city is a spot full of ghostly attractions that serve enthusiastic guests. It also houses many ancient buildings around which mystery revolves. Halloween in London is celebrated with energetic festivals and lively parades, events you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Well, if you are planning to wander away from the capital city, you’ll still find Halloween celebrations. Ghost stories will haunt you from every corner, and scary faces will suddenly pop up on random streets. You will enjoy a genuine ambiance of Halloween in different cities around England.

5- Czech Republic

You definitely expected to see the Czech Republic featured on this list since Prague is Europe’s Gothic fairytale, right? Well, Prague is an incredible city to be in during Halloween. It offers exciting lanes to walk that date back to the medieval era and adds mystery to the air. That is precisely the flavor you would look for on Halloween.

The Czechs are not that much into this holiday. Yet, many tourists have reported feeling intimated in the city whether it was Halloween or not. Thus, the Halloween celebrations will be a nice addition to the already spine-chilling Czech towns.

Prague presents several Halloween attractions that you will surely fall in love with. The Old Jewish Cemetery is a perfect pick for a frightening boost. Other attractions in Prague include the Torture Museum and Charles Bridge. There are many tales to learn about these spots, not-so-nice stories as well.

6- Spain

Have you ever heard of Halloween festivals that take place in Spain? Well, most people haven’t. For some reason, Spain is rarely on the map when it comes to this spooky holiday. Spain actually happens to possess various buildings with Gothic designs that create uncanny emotions when passed by. 

Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities that throw fancy Halloween parties in its premium clubs. Not only that, but they also have their own outdoor festivals that take place on beaches or the streets.

Most of the Halloween celebrations in Spain, and many other countries, take place on November 1st. They pay an attribute to the holiday of Dia de Los Muertos, or the day of the dead- the Mexican version of Halloween. According to legends, the deceased come to visit their alive family on this day as long as they remember them. 

7- Italy

Italy offers the best spot for a romantic holiday; it is relatively not a usual Halloween destination. However, it turns out this is far from the truth. Italy is one of the European countries with a fascinating dark side that not everyone is aware of.

You need to head to Palermo in Sicily that lies in Southern Italy. This city houses the scariest catacomb on the globe, the Capuchin Catacombs. Despite this place’s eerie atmosphere, it is a morbid tourist attraction.

The catacomb’s wall is lined with thousands of mummies. These mummies are everywhere; they are restfully sitting on shelves and benches around the catacomb. There are also open coffins where these mummies lie down, breathing the same air as the alive. Visitors are asked to be respectful while inside the catacombs. The line between the dead and the alive is so blurry in this city.

So, share with us your favorite Halloween destination and where would you like to go next?

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