4K 360 degree video experience of Belfast Peace Wall’s

The Belfast Peace Wall’s carrie a lot of history about our past and our present. It calls out to traveler to come visit the attraction and to dig deeper into the the history and stories surrounding the famous Peace Walls in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

So check out the video above of amazing 360 degree experiences of the Peace walls. Change the wrench settings in the bottom right of the video to 4k video on YouTube for an even better experience – Best 4K 360 degree video we can do!

Brief history of the Peace Walls

Peace walls are a series of separation barriers that separate predominantly Republican and Nationalist Catholic neighborhoods from predominantly Loyalist and Unionist Protestant neighbourhoods. The reason behind the creation of these walls go back to minimising the inter-communal violence between Catholics (most of those are nationalists who self identify as Irish) and Protestants (most of whom are unionists who self identify as British.

Belfast Peace Walls are long, they range between few hundred yards to over three miles, and they are made of iron, brick and steel. This will differ according to the location you are standing at because these long walls are not only found in one place; the majority might be found in Belfast, but there are also those in Derry, Portadown and Lurgan. Some of these walls have gates in them that only allow the people to pass through during daylight in order to avoid any problems that could occur.

These walls were actually temporary when they were first built back in 1969, following the outbreak of the 1969 Northern Ireland riots and The Troubles. But they only kept increasing in length and they were never removed until this very day. They are now even used by artists who create their designs and art work over the walls to create a more positive image. In the early 1990’s, these walls which were supposed to stay for 6 months only, were only 18 but they kept increasing in number and in size, they kept getting wider, longer and more permanent, until they almost reached 59 walls in 2017.




Belfast Peace Wall - 360 Degree Experience - Belfast Attractions - Things to Do in Northern Ireland
Belfast Peace Wall - 360 Degree Experience - Belfast Attractions - Things to Do in Northern Ireland

Belfast peace wall carries a history behind it and this history calls out for the travelers to come closer and dig deeper to know more about the reasons behind building it and dig deeper to know more stories related to this era. A 360 degree video tour of the Peace Walls in Belfast


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