360 Degree Video of Cave Hill at Sunrise

Updated On: March 15, 2022

Cave Hill in Belfast

Cave Hill Belfast is an amazing location that overlooks the whole city of Belfast – and further! Cave hill is a great site for a walk at any time and can be entered from a few different points including Belfast Castle Park (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYjxG…). The hill walk can be a little more of a challenge – but the views are worth it. One of the best hill walks in Northern Ireland and amazing at sunrise – have not tried sunset yet!

This basaltic hill that overlooks the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, forms part of the southeastern border of the Antrim Plateau. Cave Hill is distinguished by its famous Napoleon Nose, which is a basaltic outcrop that resembles the profile of the famous emperor Napoleon. It has been known as the Cave Hill for a long period of time now although it has been given two other different names before, which are “Collinward Mountain” as well as “Ben Madigan” who was once a king of Ulster.

Not only Belfast will be seen from up there, but the Isle of Man could be spotted and even Scotland could appear on those clear days – so you will enjoy lots of different scenery from up there. There are different places from which the visitor could come up the hill and the most known one of them is that one coming from Belfast Castle. Cave Hill rises to almost 370 meters above sea level and that is exactly the reason why we had the chance to enjoy looking at Belfast from up there – tall enough 🙂

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