Ailwee Cave is a cave system in the karst landscape of the Bureen in County Clare, Ireland.The name Aillwee is derived from the Irish Aill Bhuí which means “yellow cliff.”  Privately owned, it forms part of the Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre attraction.

Aillwee Cave - Birds of Prey Show and Inside Aillwee Caves (360 Degree Video) - County Clare
Aillwee Cave - Birds of Prey Show and Inside Aillwee Caves (360 Degree Video) - County Clare

illwee Cave has been a place I have visited since I was a child - it is really an amazing place. Its part of the Burren in County Clare, Ireland. It tends to be open from 10 AM to 5 or 6.30 depending on the season and the family tickets are a reasonable price. You can take a guided tour that is around 35 minutes - so long enough - deep into the caves to see where bears used to hide from harsh winters.In recent years they have added the Birds of Prey to the attractions and this is excellent fun - even if no interest in birds - still great to see! So check out our brief 360 video of Aillwee cave and Birds of Prey Ireland - all in the Burren in Co. Clare. Its interesting being in the bear cave - hopefully you will enjoy as much as we did. PS: if driving here - the roads are crazy! :-) real old country roads - so take it slow - Ballycahill and Ballyvaughan are nice places.A lot of people - especially those coming from abroad - don't even know what does "Aillwee" means and where did it come from; this name came from an Irish word that means "yellow cliff". The system of this cave consists of about one kilometer of passages that lead into the heart of the mountain - that is the reason why I warned those who have never been there to take care of the roads and take it easy.For every place I visit, I always try to spot out the features in order to help and tell people what they should be searching for and why they should even go and check the place. The features related to Aillwee Cave include the underground river and the waterfall in addition to some large stalactites and stalagmites, which are types of rocks and ceilings that hang from walls and rises from the floor, giving the whole place a different kind of atmosphere.


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