360 Degree Video Experience – Ireland’s Belfast

Updated On: March 09, 2022

Belfast City Hall

Our tour in 360 Degree Video of Ireland’s Belfast and its surrounding area begins at the Giant’s Ring – on the edge of the city. We have two videos from this destination including the best attractions you shouldn’t miss out while roaming around Northern Ireland.

We lost ourselves in the city center through our tour to spot every exciting spot in Belfast; we lost ourselves in the city center. You can catch a ride and have a complete adventure with soothing music, break at one of the cozy restaurants, or bring a snack from vendors lined streets. If I were you, I’d choose for a cup of hot chocolate topped with an assortment of Irish cookies throughout the holiday season during which the annual lighting showing everywhere.

Ireland's Belfast city center- Northern Ireland, Big Fish statue
Explore the city center – Northern Ireland, Big Fish statue

Back into the city for some shopping! We have Royal Avenue in the city centre.

Immerse Yourself in Ireland’s Belfast… It’s a Lifetime Experince

Your visit to Northern Ireland’s capital can not be completed without visiting the impressive Belfast City Hall. It will give you insight into the city’s history with family-friendly, more than 100-acre gardens to stay all day admiring the outstanding architecture or for people-watching.

Asking about if Northern Ireland is a country or a city? okay, from here we go to Stormont – the seat of politics. A guided tour is preferable to know many things about the past of this glorious city

Then we have have some amazing Wall Murals.

And down by the old Rotterdam Bar.

Then for some famous streets and locations around the city itself, we start at Sandy Row.

Milltown Cemetery is a place where many famous people and celebrities have been laid to rest.

Victoria Park is an excellent park to spend an afternoon or weekend.

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is an impressive park in South Belfast that is always a great day out.

Needing somewhere to stay? The Merchant Hotel is in a great location here.

The Dirty Onion is a bar and restaurant close by.

Another park is worth visiting ( seems we have too many! But not the case ). Clement Wilson Park is here in its 360 Degree glory.

The CS Lewis Square – a great place to stop off!

A modern sculpture just on the edge of City Centre – The Big Fish

In the same area – we have the Custom House, which is often used for festivals, music and more.

The famous Albert Clock – Belfast’s own leaning tower!

Then a visit to Lagan Valley Park maybe?

Belvoir Park Forest – another place to lose yourself away from the hussle and bussle of city life.

Every student that has ever studied in Belfast will know Botanic Gardens very well. Its also the site of the Belfast Museum – another great stop!

Ormeau Park is another well-known park in the Stranmillis area of Belfast – just over the bridge.

Also most impressively – Belfast Castle, beautiful grounds and amazing views over the city are all here. Definitely a great place to check out.

Duke of York Bar – a great location to visit for a drink!

Hopefully you enjoyed the 360 Videos. To get the full experience of Northern Ireland, be ready to watch tons of 360 experiences. As ever – would be great if you enjoyed these, we would love if you could share this article or any of the videos on social media in case any of your friends may enjoy them as well. And don’t forget to prepare your own guide before booking your flight to take advatnage of your trip.

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