360 Degree Video – Northern Ireland Experience

Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom

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From natural marvels, fantastic sites, stunning museums, and arts that are unlike anything else on the planet, Northern Ireland experience should be on the everyone’s bucket list. And to let you feel the same experince of being in this fascting country, we have made 260 degree videos to help you get the full picture of its wonders.

We have gone deeper than just Belfast and the Causeway Coast. We have gone beyond popular attrations to hit up lesser-known places often overlooked by travelers.

Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland Experience is unforgtable, the United Kingdom

Let’s Dive into Northern Ireland Experience 

Make sure you have your mobile device ready to view all these areas in 360 degrees. Experience a 360 Degree Video Experience from around Northern Ireland – as we record some of our favourite destinations using a 360 camera.

The 360-degree experience allows you to see all around us as we record. Some videos are stationary – others are moving. Do you want to see some 360 Video’s of Belfast (the link is also at the bottom of this article)


We also have some amazing 360 photos around our blog – we link to them below – so do check these out. We use youtube for our 360 video’s and embed them into this blog. We have been asked – how to make a 360 video? We will follow up with a full tutorial on how we do this, but any questions – please do comment below and we will get back to you with an answer.

Ever visited the famous Gortmore View Point in Limavady?

Have you ever heard that Northern Ireland boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and that you can visit them in both the winter and summer? We have already included them in our schedule and compiled a list of the greatest spots that you should not miss out on.

Who does not like some time on the beach – here is a 360 Degree Video from White Rock Beach in Portrush:

Then we have Bangor Harbour and Marina – a lovely place for a walk…even if it is raining! (believe me – we know!!). But it is even better when the sun is shining.

Are you looking for a tranquil area in which to spend your vacation with your family? We’ve got something special for you as well. Also in Bangor is a famous park for children called Pickie Park-check out this 360 video from the park –

Also just outside Limavady is a beautiful park – the Roe Valley Country Park, well worth a stop if passing or in the area. We have 3 videos from the park – so you can get a real feel for it.

Belfast heading down to the city of Belfast – check out Ballymacran Bank – Myroe just off Lough Foyle. And if you need to spend a night here, Belfast houses ones of the best accomation options in Northern Ireland.

If in Derry/Londonderry then for sure you will have seen, if not visited part of St Columb’s Park – we have 3 separate 360 videos here of this extensive park in the city –

Another beach now – this time Downhill Beach in Castlerock

If you liked the above 360-degree video experience from around Northern Ireland – why not check out our video with multiple clips from in and around Belfast. Experience the city using your mobile in 360 Degrees today – just click here.

Donaghadee Castle –

We visited St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral in Armagh City

The excellent Navan Fort and Centre – in County Armagh

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