20 Amazing Dates in Belfast for Just £30 Per Couple 

Updated On: May 12, 2023

dates in belfast

Just because there is a cost of living crisis doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun! We need to be able to enjoy each other’s company and spend quality time with one another, but it needs to be a cheap date, especially in this current financial climate. 

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of 20 cheap dates in Belfast that cost just £30 per couple or under. It won’t break the bank, but it’s worth setting aside a small budget so you can still have some fun, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

From cheap dinner dates and intense physical challenges to arthouse galleries and local entertainment events, there are loads of activities to enjoy for a fantastic date night in the heart of Belfast. 

FYI: At the end of this article, we’ve also thrown in some ideas for dates in Belfast that are completely free to attend!

Comedy Night Dates in Belfast

Belfast is known for its humour, and the people are known for their ability to inject lighthearted commentary in the darkest of situations. That’s why Belfast makes for the perfect hub for a comedy night, where you can cry with laughter and enjoy a really fun time with your date by your side.

We’ve listed some of our favourite local comedy nights in Belfast that you need to check out. Your cheeks will hurt from laughing so much, but remember to get there early if you want to avoid sitting in the front row and being picked on by one of the ruthless comedians performing. 


1. Laverys Comedy Club 

£13 per person

Every Wednesday and Thursday night

Lavery’s Comedy Club is located on Bradbury Place, just on the outskirts of the main Belfast city centre. Colin Geddis headlines the show every week, making jokes that evoke those big laughs and have the audience crying out with laughter. 

Geddis has been a long-standing Belfast comedian for many years, and each week his loyal fans and new faces enjoy the performance and leave with big beaming smiles on their faces. It’s a great idea for a date night and one that you’ll be raving about to your friends and family straight after. 

2. Empire Laughs Back

£10 per person 

Every Tuesday night 

The Empire is located on Botanic Avenue, just a short distance from the main city centre. The dimly lit and intimate venue makes for the perfect date night and with their weekly comedy show, you’ll be sure to impress your partner with a night full of hilarious entertainment. 

The comedians change every week, with each performer bringing their own unique comedic commentary to audiences. This date will be one to remember and with cocktail jugs starting at just £13.95, it’s the perfect date night that’s both cheap and cheerful. 

3. Coven Comedy Club

£5 – first Saturday of every month, starting at 2.30 pm. 

The Black Box venue hosts the Coven Comedy Club on the first Saturday of every month. The intimate venue of The Green Room makes for a perfect date night setting and with a hilarious performance from local NI comedians, you’ll be sure to have a night packed with fun and tears of laughter. 

Activity Dates in Belfast 

What better way to connect with your partner than doing a fun activity together? It’s an opportunity to create a core memory, try out something new and even challenge your partner, evoking that competitive nature that’s inside all of us. We’ve put together some fun activity date ideas that come in at under £30 per couple.

dates in belfast
Dates in Belfast

4. Ice skating 

£7.50 per person – All day, every day

Strap on your boots and skate your way over to Dundonald Ice Bowl, just a short 20-minute drive from Belfast city centre. 

Ice skating is a really fun activity to release energy and cling onto one another as you attempt to steady yourselves. Skate around the rink and enjoy the lively music from the DJ on site. The date will have you falling over as you fall in love!

5. Indoor rock climbing

£13 per person – Online price 

Clip ‘n’ Climb at Dundonald is another energy-releasing activity that will have you competing with one another as your both attempt to scale the walls and make it to the top. It’s a great idea for an active date, and it encourages healthy competition between couples. 

You’ll also gain an incredible sense of achievement when you do hit that red button at the top and belay yourself to the bottom. Be prepared to wake up with sore arms in the morning though!

6. Movie House Cinema 

£8.50 per person – All day, every day 

The Movie House Cinema has a location in City Side Belfast, just on the outskirts of the city centre or another location is in Glengormley, which is just a short 15-minute drive from the city centre. 

A classic cinema date will have you cosying up to one another as you watch a newly released movie on the large screen. At just £8.50 per ticket, no matter what movie you’re going to see, it leaves a decent amount of funds left over for some treats, sweets and popcorn. 

7. Bowling

£7pp for one game / £11pp for two games / £13.50pp for three games 

Hollywood Bowl is located in the SSE Arena Belfast, just beside the River Lagan. The newly revamped bowling alley features state-of-the-art lanes, pool tables and arcade games you could just spend hours playing with your partner. 

Enjoy some tasty food and delicious drinks with your game of bowls, and try to strike it lucky. Choose from either one game, two games or three games, all of which come in at under £15 per person. 

8. Mini Golf 

18 holes – £8.50 per person / 36 holes – £13 per person 

The Lost City is a mini golf location in Cityside Belfast, located on the outskirts of the city centre and within walking distance from the town. Explore the jungle setting with crumbing relics and special effects, testing your coordination skills and checking your aim, whilst trying to impress your date with a hole-in-one..

You can choose to do an 18-hole or 36-hole course, both of which come in at under £15 per person. There is also a range of snacks and beverages on hand, and an opportunity to win a free game at the end – if you are able to make the shot, that is. 

9. Ninja Master Course

£10.95 per person, any day of the week

Do you want to put your date through a physical challenge, testing their strength, endurance and speed? Then the master ninja course at We Are Vertigo is the date for you both. Think of the Ninja Warrior TV show, only this is in real life, and trust me when I say that it’s definitely not as easy as it looks!

This date will be one to remember; laugh at one another as you attempt to balance across bridges, swing from bars and pull yourself up tough ropes. It’s a date like no other, but be prepared to be exhaustive afterwards – speaking from experience. 

The We Are Vertigo – Ninja Master Course is located just beside the Titanic Quarter in Belfast City Centre. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, stretch beforehand, and most of all, have fun!

10. Inflatable Park 

£10.95 per person, any day of the week

+ £2 per pair of grippy socks 

We Are Vertigo also has an onsite inflatable park, the perfect space for letting loose and having some silly fun. It’s less physically demanding than the Ninja Course but still delivers just as much excitement. 

Let your inner kid out and launch yourself over challenging obstacles, slipping down inflatable slides and making it through the Dizzy-X. You can also challenge your date to a balancing competition on the battle beam and see who emerges victorious. 

This is an incredibly fun date idea and the perfect place to jump around and go crazy. You will have to wear special socks though that cost £2 if you don’t already have a pair that you have brought with you. 

Cheap Dinner Dates in Belfast

Belfast have some of the most tastiest dishes on offer, from pub grub classics to mouthwatering steaks and succulent Sunday roasts. There are also some great offers for dinner dates, midweek and on weekends – here are some we recommend. 

Dates in Belfast
Dinner Dates in Belfast

11. Ryan’s Bar and Restaurant

2 courses for £13pp 

All day, every day 

Patrons can enjoy 2 courses, either a starter and a main course or a main course and dessert, for just £13 per person – coming in at under £30 per couple. 

Ryan’s Bar and Restaurant is located on Lisburn road and has gained a cult following for their famous chicken wings and their traditional Irish dish – the chicken boxty, filled with a delightful and indulgent white wine cream sauce. 

I might be a little bias because that’s my go-to meal when visiting Ryan’s, but there are loads of other tasty options included in this offer. For starters, you can have their garlic and chilli prawns or for a main, their fish and chips is another great choice. But if you’d like to finish on a sweet note, I’d recommend their sweet toffee pudding or their daily cheesecake! 

12. Taylor and Clay Grill 

Steak and chips for £15pp

Monday – Friday 5 pm – 6.30 pm (last orders 6.15 pm) 

Taylor and Clay Grill is the restaurant home to Bullit Hotel, located on Belfast City Centre – Church Lane. 

They have a great midweek offer going at the moment, serving up a delicious Lisdergan Denver steak alongside crispy fries and delicious crunchy greens. You can also choose a sauce to accompany your steak dish, choose from the classics like Bernaise or peppercorn sauce, their spicy option of bois boudran, or try out their modern twists of mushroom ketchup or anchovy mustard. 

Taylor and Grill is an award-winning restaurant, cooking steaks in an open kitchen over the roaring flames of their wood-fired grill. This offer won’t last long, so be sure to try it out before it disappears from their menu. 

13. AMPM

Sunday roast – £30 per couple  

AMPM has to be one of the most romantic spots for a dinner date in Belfast. With overhanging flowers, intriguing artwork and intimate lighting, it’s a hidden gem right in Belfast City Centre. 

Every Sunday, they serve up a delicious traditional roast dinner, accompanied with succulent meats, all of the trimmings and topped off with a rich gravy sauce. If you’re looking to treat someone special in a romantic and elegant setting, AMPM is the perfect spot.

Cultural Dates in Belfast 

Belfast as a city is immersed in its culture, from art and film exhibitions to historical tours and museums. It makes for the perfect place to soak up the local culture and enjoy some quality time with your date. Check out some of our recommendations for cultural dates in Belfast below.

14. Crumlin Road Goal 

£12 (online booking price) for the self-guided tour 

The Crumlin Road Goal has over 150 years worth of history contained within the building, imprisoning not only men but also women and children throughout its time. Today it stands as a popular tourist destination and the only remaining victorian prison era in Northern Ireland. 

You can do the self-guided tour onsite and explore the different areas of the prison on your own terms. Some of the worthwhile stops include the infamous cast iron staircase, the tunnel, the hangman’s cell and the graveyard. 

Whilst it’s not the most lighthearted of dates, it is still a brilliant visit and a great place to uncover the local history that’s right on your doorstep. The Crumlin Road Goal is just a short 5-minute drive from the Belfast city centre and accessible if you were to walk it.

15. Queen’s Film Theatre 

£7.00 off-peak / £8.40 peak times

The Queen’s Film Theatre is a cinematic cultural venue that showcases a range of films that you wouldn’t necessarily find in the mainstream cinemas. It encourages debate and discussion around the film industry, showing movies of the indie genre, independent films and even Hollywood blockbusters.

The Queen’s Film Theatre has become a much-loved cultural venue, supported by local audiences and Queen’s University, it has become a tourist destination for doing something different. It has stood its ground for over 50 years and is the perfect place for a date in Belfast and celebrating the cultural heritage of our city. 

If you are a movie fanatic, be sure to check out this list of the best Irish movies you must watch. 

16. Belfast Street Art Walking Tour 

£10 – every Sunday at 12 pm 

If you have walked through Belfast city centre then I’m sure at one point you’ll have spotted some pretty inspiring street art. Belfast is full of creativity, so much so, that it can’t be contained on paper and is embedded through the streets of our city. 

The Belfast Street Art Walking Tour leads you on a two-hour walk around the city centre, giving in-depth details about the artists and the meaning of their work. The tour begins at the red benches outside The Duke of York and finishes off at The Black Box venue. 

At the end of the tour, you’ll also be given a FREE drink voucher for a Hennesy and ginger at the Bullit Hotel, so the fun needn’t stop the fun at the end of your date. This is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your date and soak up the artistic culture of Belfast. 

If you’re interested in seeing more of Belfast city, be sure to check out this Belfast travel blog guide. 

Free Dates in Belfast 

Whilst £15 per person is an attractive deal for a nice date, we’ve done one even better and made a list of ideas for dates in Belfast that are completely free to attend. At most, you can decide to make a small donation to support these free events and venues around the city. 

17. Art Exhibition at The Mac

Free every day – suggested donation of £5

The Mac is a unique space for international and local art exhibitions, showcasing renowned artists’ work and telling the story of their creations. Located just beside St. Anne’s Cathedral, it’s easily accessible and well worth the visit to see artistic sculptures, paintings, theatrical  performances and live poetry readings.

From January 2023 – March 2023, they are holding the art exhibition, New Exits – 10 Years of Painting Shows. The exhibition welcomes the work of previously featured local artists and those who have come through the Belfast School of Art since 2012. The exhibition features a range of artistic styles, from abstract depictions to minimalistic designs. It’s a brilliant date idea, whether you’re an art critic or just simply appreciative of the world of art. 

18. Belfast Free Walking Tour 

Free – suggestion to leave a tip 

Every day at 11 am / Friday & Saturday at 11 am and 2.30 pm

The Belfast Free Walking Tour is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover the events and history that helped shape the city. Take your date on a walking tour throughout famous Belfast landmarks and learn about the place you call home. 

The tour will lead you around the city, visiting the Lagan River, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast City Hall, Albert Clock and The Big Fish. Your tour guide will explain the important key historical moments and bring life to the culture and history of Belfast. 

This tour is well worth the visit, whether you’re a history buff or history novice, you’ll discover facts you never knew and uncover a newfound appreciation of Belfast city. Check out this article for more information on Belfast City tours. 

19. Listen to traditional Irish music

Free – suggested donation of £1

Every first Wednesday and every last Wednesday of the month. 

Doors open at 5 pm, session starts at 7 pm.

The Black Box venue is located on Hill Street, Belfast City Centre. Every first and last Wednesday of the month, they host The First Slip – a live performance of traditional Irish music and vocalists.

This mid-week treat is the perfect way to experience local culture and keep traditional music alive. Enjoy a few beverages in The Green Room and embrace the wonderful sounds of Celtic folk music and fiddly-dee-dee with your date by your side. 

If you’re interested in exploring more of the traditional music scene, check out these spots for traditional music in Belfast. 

20. Ulster Museum 

Free admission

Every day, 10 am – 5 pm, no booking required

The Ulster Museum is located on the grounds of the Botanic Gardens and has stood for just over 50 years. The museum has been home to multiple exhibitions of historical artefacts, scientific displays and artistic appreciation, bringing together the past, present and future to celebrate all of what makes us part of humanity. 

The Ulster Museum is the perfect place to bring a date in Belfast, encouraging a thirst for knowledge and inspiring an appreciation for the works of mankind. You’ll have loads to talk about after visiting here, and most importantly, it’s free!

Cheap Dates in Belfast 

It’s never been more true that you don’t need money to have fun, and that’s what this blog is all about. You can spend some quality time and enjoy the company of your date without having to break the bank. 
If you’re reading this before February 2023, you might also want to check out ideas for how to spend Valentine’s Day in Belfast. Otherwise, explore one of these ideas for dates in Belfast and don’t let the cost of living ruin your fun!

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