Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday


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Mallorca is an island located on the Mediterranean Sea and is considered the largest island in Spain with its capital being Palma Island. The highest peak on the island reaches 1445 meters above sea level and it also ranks second among the islands in Spain in terms of population.

Mallorca attracts tourists from the United Kingdom and Germany, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the region, and Palma de Mallorca International Airport is the busiest airport in Spain.

In 1950, Mallorca became one of the most important tourist destinations to visit in Europe and the world, and the tourism sector became the main source of income on the island with more than half of the island’s residents working in the tourism sector.

Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

Mallorca is characterized by many archeological monuments, including caves that contain ascending columns and monuments dating back to prehistoric times. The island is famous for its wonderful natural landscapes, including forests, valleys, lakes, and huge caves. Now, let us learn more about this beautiful island and what you can do there.

Things to do in Mallorca

The tourism sector on the island is very active. In 2011, the number of visitors reached 10 million tourists who enjoyed the many resorts and luxurious locations in Mallorca. The tourists also go there to enjoy the beaches and explore many places that we will know more about in this article.

The Capital City of Palma

Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

One of the famous places to visit, it is located on the Mediterranean Sea and contains many attractions. One of the famous places located in Palma is Mallorca Cathedral on the Old Harbor. It is a sandstone building and was built in the 13th century but it wasn’t finished until the 17th century. 

When you enter the cathedral, you will find yourself inside a beautiful spacious building of 6600 square meters with an aisle nave with a height of 44 meters. You will also see stained-glass windows, with some rose windows and you will see that some of the interiors were remodeled by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi in the 20th century.

There is the Bellver Castle, another attraction in Palma that was built in the 13th century and located on a hilltop 3 km away from Palma center and it was a stronghold in the old days. The castle includes a museum and it has a bridge that leads into the castle’s courtyard.

Valldemossa Village

Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

Valldemossa is a beautiful town located between Tramontana Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, where you will be charmed by its stoned buildings and narrow alleyways. In the town center, you will see the Plaza Ramon Llull, which is full of lovely trees and cafes where you can have a nice meal and a cup of coffee.

Below the village, you will find the Valldemossa Port, which makes you feel that you are in a fishing village and you can enjoy the fresh seafood at one of its local restaurants. Also, there is the 14th-century Carthusian monastery that was built on the site of an ancient Moorish Alcazar.

Soller Town

Soller is a small town surrounded by a wonderful landscape. The town contains many important historical attractions like the 14th century Parish church of St. Bartomeu, 6 km away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Alfabia gardens which date back to the 12th century.

The garden is famous for its lemon and orange orchard, vegetables, and tropical palm trees. The palace that contains the garden is designed in a Baroque style and includes lovely paintings and other valuable objects. There is Soller Port which contains a marina with many small boats and yachts.


Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

Alcudia is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mallorca, it is surrounded by green areas, trees, and forests. Also, the place includes many beautiful historical monuments and traditional festivals. When you visit the town you will see that it was fortified in the Middle Ages to protect it from pirates attacking the city.

The city has an old-world vibe with winding medieval streets and palatial Renaissance houses. There are many churches there like Santa Ana and Sant Jaume and the Baroque chapel of Sant Crist with an image of Christ from the 15th century. Also, you can find remains of Roman houses and an amphitheater that is located south of Sant Jaume Church.

Alcudia is such a beautiful place to spend a great time with friends and family, it is full of many attractions from many historic periods that you will love to see and it is a good choice for anyone visiting the city to explore.

Puerto Portals Resort

The Puerto Portals Resort is located on the southwest coast of Mallorca and is a favorite place for the royal family and other visitors. The amazing marina is filled with luxury yachts and attracts people to the yacht club, cafes, restaurants, and elegant shops.

With elegant boutiques and luxury cars like Ferrari, and Porsche, racing through the city streets, Puerto Portals is a miniature version of Monte Carlo in Monaco. Tourists can stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the wonderful views.

Near this resort, there is mainland Mallorca, which is one of the favorite attractions for families with kids. You can visit the aquariums and aviary and see the animal exhibitions.

Soller Train

Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

Soller Train is a beautiful tourist train, it is a railway on the Spanish island of Mallorca. It was opened in 1912 to transport oranges and lemons to the capital’s markets. It is one of the most important activities recommended during tourism in Mallorca. 

The train is characterized by its structure made of copper and wood and it journies between the cities of Palma and Soller, where you can enjoy a quick tour between the most wonderful and most important landmarks of Mallorca.

Deia Village

Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

Deia Village is located about 15 km away from Soller, in the valley of the Oranges in the Tramuntana Mountains and it stands on a hillside surrounded by rolling hills and many trees. When you visit this small village, you will see the stone houses with tiled roofs and green shutters.

The village was once the home of a famous poet called Robert Graves and now his house is a museum that you can visit. The village is also famous for its delicious Balearic cuisine at some of its top restaurants.

There are some attractions that you can visit, such as the Cala Deia which is a small rocky cove with a tiny pebble beach and crystal water, and it includes restaurants. Also, there is the Miramar Monastery, which is located just outside of Deia and has balconies that overlook the cliffs and the sea and it was built in the 13th century.

Town of Petra

The Town of Petra is located 43 km away from Palma, the capital city of Mallorca, and it contains the museum of Fra Juniper Sierra Museum House, which displays the work of Friar Junipero Serra, the founder of the Franciscan Missions in Sierra Gorda. There is also the Junipero Festival that is held every year on the 3rd Sunday of September and features floats and colorful floral offerings.

There is another attraction in the town of Petra; the church of San Pedro, which is a Gothic church with a fortress, the convert of St. Bernard, and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonany.

Arta Historic Town

Explore Mallorca, Spain, for an Enjoyable Holiday

Arta is located in a valley that is well-known for almond, olive, and fig orchards and there is a parish church in town which is a cypress-shaded avenue that leads up to the hilltop where you will find a fortress and the Santuari de Sant Salvador chapel and from there you can see a wonderful view of the town.

The town includes the remains of its ancient ramparts and many old houses, and the town also contains a famous restaurant that is called Andreu Genestra, which is a restored farmhouse that was built in the 15th century and it gives you a lovely view of the countryside.

Llucmajor Beaches

One of the best things that you can do in Mallorca is going to the beaches that are spread all over the island. There is El Arenal Beach, which is a nice place for swimming, and is also perfect for surfing and includes a yacht club, and water sports equipment are available for rent.

Another beach you can visit is the Cala Pi which is surrounded by many hotels and housing. It is a beautiful sand beach with crystal clear water and you can go scuba diving there. 

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